The Skyfall Executioner – Youthberk

“The knight disappointed by the heavens, dons its black armor, chooses the destruction of the skies” Welcome to an in depth look at the Skyfall Knight, Youthberk. Featuring some of the edgiest character design Vanguard has seen in a while along with a brand new mechanic, Revoldress, I’m sure this will become a fan favouriteContinue reading “The Skyfall Executioner – Youthberk”

DBT06 Deck Builds – Youthberk

Deck Builds and Ideas Use this as a guide to get you started while trying out and learning the deck. Note that trigger line ups, and the choice to put in Elemental Sanctitude in can be adjusted as you see fit. Aggro Youthberk ( Recommended *) In my opinion, this will probably be the bestContinue reading “DBT06 Deck Builds – Youthberk”