BRO 2021 Premium Predictions!

Written and formatted by LordDravoth Introduction It’s time for the Bushiroad Rumble Online Premium Format remote fight tournament! These are my personal thoughts on how I think that event might turn out that includes my top picks and then a few decks that I think might be able to steal a top out of nowhere!Continue reading “BRO 2021 Premium Predictions!”

Genesis Decks: Post Tahro Hit

Hi amigos, today I’ll be covering some considerations and options that we have at our disposal for Genesis after the Tahro hit. Decks, engines, and future support will be highlighted. Enjoy!! Thumbnail Art By Vanguard Ocean: Tahro Restricted To Zero Yep, so now what? Looks like the Fighters Rule update wasn’t as merciful to ourContinue reading “Genesis Decks: Post Tahro Hit”