Orfist Deck Guide

Hello Cardfighters one and all. It’s your favorite slav squatting, mecha-loving, card gaming Bosnian. My name is Deckscavate and I recently applied to write for the Rogue of the Seven Seas. The next day I was greeted with a reply from our favorite amigo Commander Jaime. I have for you my deck guide to OrfistContinue reading “Orfist Deck Guide”

What Orfist Teaches Us About “Simple” Decks

How’s it going, Cardfighters? I’m GleamingGarmore and I’ve fallen in love with the latest in a long line of decks drawn by Daisuke Izuka. Let’s talk about Cardinal Deus, Orfist. When Orfist was first revealed, many players simply wrote off the strategies attached to it as weak due to a lack of multi-attack and aContinue reading “What Orfist Teaches Us About “Simple” Decks”