Rorowa – An intro to Plant Tokens in D and more

It’s certainly been a while everyone. With D-BT05 right around the corner , it is easy to overlook some of the new ride lines with their lack of representation , while also being overshadowed by the Big Three returning to the format. Before we cover those inevitably. Today I want to highlight the new StoicheaContinue reading “Rorowa – An intro to Plant Tokens in D and more”

Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 V-Premium Predictions!

Written and formatted by LordDravoth Introduction Here comes V-Premium! Time to put my thoughts to paper and see what I think of the format now. We’ve had a recent major release that included some format altering cards for every clan in the form of Heal Guardians which had a huge impact on the premium eventContinue reading “Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 V-Premium Predictions!”

BRO 2021 Premium Predictions!

Written and formatted by LordDravoth Introduction It’s time for the Bushiroad Rumble Online Premium Format remote fight tournament! These are my personal thoughts on how I think that event might turn out that includes my top picks and then a few decks that I think might be able to steal a top out of nowhere!Continue reading “BRO 2021 Premium Predictions!”

Brawling Dragons Become Idols?!

Hello there everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back again with another breakdown and analysis article of another group of idols within the massive Lyrical Monasterio nation! This time, we take a look at the possible future successors to the Narukami Brawlers: Earnescorrect, led by Clarissa! We will start out the same formatContinue reading “Brawling Dragons Become Idols?!”

Witches and Axe Boys and Archetypes, Oh My!

How’s it going, cardfighters? GleamingGarmore here. Today, we got TWO cards of the day instead of just one. Both of them are grade 3s from Tohya Ebata’s start deck. And both of them have interesting implications on the way these start decks will play against one another. Please remember as we assess these cards thatContinue reading “Witches and Axe Boys and Archetypes, Oh My!”

From 24 to 6

A look at the unification of the Nations with AlphonZeus Hello there everyone, I am The AlphonZeus from Team Gradelock and Vision brought on to write for Axis Vanguard! Today, we’re going over one of Bushiroad’s biggest moves in the Cardfight!! Vanguard world: reducing the support from 24 different clans to 6 unified (?) nations.Continue reading “From 24 to 6”