May 29, 2023
Lets take a look at the new tools Orfist has received in D BT03!

Its been a while everyone,

With DBT03, about to be released on the Japanese side of the game, let’s take a look at some highlights in the Set to boost up the Orfist Deck. In Particular 3 Specific Cards that support the Shadow Army Strategy in particular. So let’s dive right into it!

Beyond The Perpetual Time

Play this with COST
 [Soul Blast (2)]!
[CONT](Order Zone):If your order zone only has World cards, the following effects are active according to the number of cards in your order zone.
•1 card ‐ Your World becomes Dark Night.
•2 or more cards ‐ Your World becomes Abyssal Dark Night.
[AUTO](Order Zone):When your Shadow Army token is placed, that placed unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.

Let us begin with the new World Order Card, Beyond the Perpetual Time. A Grade 3 Set Order with a higher cost than other similar, that being of Soul Blast 2 compared to the older World Orders like Howling Moonlight and In the Darkness, Nobody Knows. Of course, it is not without its reward.

Once set, it gives an Auto ability to boost the power of the newly placed Shadow Army Token’s 5000 power for the turn. Being a Set Order, this skill will continue to activate even on proceeding turns. This makes Shadow Army Tokens become a 20000 booster or attacker for the turn allowing the deck to hit above 30000 without persona ride or triggers, which is something the deck has had some struggle with before. 

To put it into context, hitting 35000-40000 numbers will always demand 1 more additional card to defend against in most cases as the most common shield value are 15000 shield triggers.

Playing this on T3 thus, is an impactful ability to make it harder to guard against, allowing you to push damage in the early game, where you can follow up with a Persona Ride to maintain power even if you don’t call new tokens.

This skill also ties nicely with cards like Alviderd and Thumborino from Set 02, which Retire Shadow Army Tokens to use their abilities, and now gives you even more of an incentive to use Orfist Shadow Army Generation to take full advantage of this passive skill to pressure very consistently. 

To add on, this will even stack for every copy of it in the order zone, but we will see if that will be a route worth building towards. After all this is a Grade 3 Order and can only be played when you have reached Grade 3 , and soul could be a concern. 

Cardinal Fang , Reyogia

[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC), look at three cards from the top of your deck , choose up to one World card from among them, reveal it and put it into your hand, and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
[ACT](RC):If your vanguard is “Cardinal Deus, Orfist“, COST
 [Soul Blast (1) & retire this unit], and call a Shadow Army token to (RC).

Next up is Cardinal Fang Reyogia 

It shares its first skill with Marizma and can search the top 3 for a World Order and add it to hand, helping with the deck’s consistency. This time however it is tied to a g1 body instead of a G2 Intercept, Where this card differs, however, is its secondary skill where for a Soul Blast 1 it can trade itself for a Shadow Army Token, why can be useful when you are running low on counterblast if you do not see a Bolbamine early or are being damage denied, Which can be relevant situations.

While I feel it is a useful card, its second skill will probably be what defines how often the card will be used. While its search is useful, Marizma in the previous set was often dropped in favor of cards that can contribute directly to the deck’s potential , or even more world orders, defeating the purpose of cards like Marizma and Reyogia being in the deck in the first place. 

Cardinal Draco, Destierde

CONT](RC):If your World is Dark Night, this unit gets [Power]+2000. If it is Abyssal Dark Night instead, this unit gets [Power]+5000. (Active on your opponent’s turn too)
[AUTO](RC):At the end of the battle this unit attacked, COST
 [retire three Shadow Army tokens], and [Stand] this unit.

Lastly, is the new RRR unit for the deck Cardinal Draco, Destierde. A new unit that is definitely looking to be a key player for the deck in the present and even in the future.

Its first skill gains power depending on the state of your World similar to Cubisia and Alividerd with one key difference, this skill is active on both player’s turns making it a 12000 body on Turn 2 and 15000 from Turn 3 onwards. This makes it a troublesome unit to get rid of, especially when you go first. As without a booster, it is unlikely for G2 units to hit it by itself that early. This makes it a key rearguard that can be used for rushing early.

However, it still has another skill. At the end of the battle that it attacks, you may retire 3 shadow army tokens to restand this unit. 

While a hefty cost, it enables Orfist to break its otherwise limited 3 attacks and push it to a 4th attack. This gives the deck a way to seal games it otherwise was unable to before, pushing past one of the deck’s flaws.  

As mentioned before, this skill is however fairly costly and thus needs to be used with control. First of all, is its cost. In the context of the Orfist deck, retiring 3 Tokens, basically eats requires feeding the unit, one “charge” of Orfist which is not sustainable if used throughout multiple turns and essentially locks you out of using Alividred and Thumberino in the same turn as these skills as there just aren’t enough circles to meet the cost for all their skills.

Secondly, this unit does not hit above 15000 on its own, which is quite subpar without external factors. This makes it reliant on Persona Rides and your Vanguard’s checks to power it up to make it truly a threat. With 35000 being ideally what we want to be getting to make the re-stand truly deadly.

Thankfully, as this skill is optional, it is not mandatory as it can be used whenever the player feels it is effective. A call we have to make based on our opponent’s remaining cards in hand, damage triggers( If any), and also if we can use Orfist skill again. After all, we don’t want to be stuck in a situation where we fail to win and have no counterblast to try for a comeback during the next turn.

From a first impression , some situations where this card’s strengths come to mind are as follows

  1. When your opponent is on a Grade 2 Vanguard to rush down the opponent and check a trigger.
  2. When your opponent is at 5 damage and an extra attack is needed to break through the hand
  3.  Putting critical triggers onto this unit, When your opponent is at 4 Damage to pressure their hand even more.

It’s certainly a powerful card that requires more thought than at first glance and promotes active thinking as using its skill may not always be the right choice. when you have other options on board.

Maybe getting that additional draw for Thumberino could have given you a card to guarantee your survival next turn? Maybe retiring that hard-hitting rearguard in the opponent’s front row would have been a better line of play? 

Overall Thoughts

Of course these aren’t the only support cards but simply what I wanted to highlight. An honorable mentions would be Cardinal Draco, Stiljurge, which can countercharge , for a soul blast when boosted by a Token and is usable even during a Destierde turn, which is something we definitely can consider if we want to use Orfist skill as often as possible.

Orfist has certainly grown linear Token Rush deck it started off as at the beginning of Overdress. While the support here in Set 03 seems to be emphasizing a more beatdown focus for the deck, it still has access to its control options like Alviderd and Estrett.

It is now in our hands to start the experimenting with these new cards and maybe even revisit overlooked cards like Atelpo from Set 02, to figure out what’s the best way to play Cardinals now.

With that lets get to it , and I hope you enjoyed ths Card Spotlight and find it useful when picking up cards or just to catch up!


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