May 29, 2023

Hello there everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back again with another breakdown and analysis article of another group of idols within the massive Lyrical Monasterio nation! This time, we take a look at the possible future successors to the Narukami Brawlers: Earnescorrect, led by Clarissa! We will start out the same format as before, the main ride line and notable cards for support to also consider including in your deck build up first. Then, I’ll break down some deck lists that people in Japan are running right now!

After our starter, Dignified Will, Clarissa, we first visit Serious Challenger, Clarissa! She has a skill after riding on top of the starter, where you look through the top seven cards off the top of your deck to grab a grade 1 or less card with “Earnescorrect” listed in the card name, and the shuffling the rest to the bottom. This is a great start to building your hand to help maintain after accessing the ride deck, with an added bonus of gaining 5k if there are no rear-guards. Not much rear-guard support here, but definitely worthy of a Vanguard slow to stabilize your hand advantage. It’s also notable to swing for 13k to fight against one-card guard hands early if you go second. This also clears up more room for quality rear guards within the Earnescorrect archetype so she’s best as that one-of in the ride deck!

Next up, we got Accurate Interval, Clarissa! She also continues the theme with on Vanguard placement, you can soulblast 1 to check the top seven cards of the deck to grab a Grade 2 or less card with “Earnescorrect” in the card name to add to hand and shuffling away the rest to the bottom. A little bit more to choose from in the cardpool for 1 soulblast isn’t bad, being able to refund and stabilize that hand for the early game builds to a solid mid and end game to execute the game plan! She also carries the same skill as Dignified Will, Clarissa to swing for 15k as Vanguard if you have no rear-guards. This can be limiting for the player wishing to rush as that extra 5k can be helpful, although she can help cushion the players that do not have a starting rush hand to just swing for a decent magic number.

At last, we round out the ride line with the Earnescorrect Leader, Clarissa! On VG placement, you counterblast 1 to grab a “Aim to be the Strongest Idol!” card from the deck to place in your hand and shuffle the deck. She also has an AUTO skill where if she hits, you can draw 1 card and choose an “Earnescorrect” rear guard to gain +5k power! The order card mentioned can only be played with having 5+ units with “Earnescorrect” in their different card names. So you can have two cards that share the same name on your field, but no more than that. Out of all the cards in the set, there are only five different Earnescorrect cards, so this warrants them all in playsets to ensure you can grab all five on the board by the time you use the order! The first gives all “Earnescorrect” units +5k power, which is at least +25k to the board with the restriction, a mighty good one on top of that! However, this also gives Clarissa the ability to choose three circles on your opponent’s board, whether VG or RG! Then she battles the units on those circles! Clarissa takes on a long fearsome strategy originated by the mighty Narukami’s Vermillion succeeded by the Brawlers to swing at multiple units with one attack!

This consistent on-hit pressure and draw power not only encourages running more fronts and criticals, but the order card utilized enables Clarissa’s second skill to activate more than once! Without the use of the once per turn restriction, this potentially can pop off to add potentially three additional cards on top of your twin drive! Clarissa is arguably one of the biggest standouts in my trading card game circles from the ridelines, so I hope to see more fellow Lyrical Monasterio players (or how I refer to them as “Lyricist Maestros and Mistresses”) at the tourneys!

Now that we’re done with the ride line, let’s take a look at the other 4 Earnescorrect units! Let’s start with Earnescorrect Supporter, Trilby! She may be a modest Grade 1 at 5k base power, but whenever your Vanguard hits, she gains an extra +5k power! Also not restricted by the once per turn rule, Trilby benefits off of the Clarissa’s Strongest Idol combo to gain potentially +15k power if Clarissa hits all three so Trilby becomes an offensive powerhouse whether boosting or swinging herself!

Next up, we got Earnescorrect Supporter, Riona with a more defensive theme to add to the idol group. Her skill activates when another “Earnescorrect” rear-guard is retired during your opponent’s turn, you can soulblast 1 and discard a card from hand while Riona is on RG to add that retired card back to hand! This helps to retain your Earnescorrect board whenever it gets swung into or retired to ensure you can Clarissa’s Strongest Idol combo again when it is your turn!

Next up, we got Earnescorrect Member, Catarin with some offensive flair! When Clarissa’s VG attack hits, you can counterblast 1 and discard a card to restand her! She can lead a swing before Clarissa swings and your opponent will have to seriously consider guarding her attacks unless they want to face off against more than the normal three swings per turn! Additionally, since she is not restricted by once per turn restrictions, you can lead with two of her in the front row (but got to have the rest of the field with the other Earnescorrect idols) to lead with double Catarin swings and then Clarissa will hopefully swing at least two to three units to increase the amount of pressure that Catarin will restand! However, it does seem like discarding cards are to multi-attack incentivizes reminders for players to run draws to help recoup those resources.

We round out the rest of the Earnescorrect idols with Earnescorrect Member, Evelyn! She has an on placement for 1 counterblast to search for up to one Grade 2 or less Earnescorrect card to reveal it and call to an open rear guard IF there are no other rear-guards with the same card name as that card ending with shuffling the deck. THIS card keeps the deck working together so coherently to find the missing pieces and drop them onto the field. The 8k power does not have to be to worrysome on offense when they get boosted from the Strongest Idol combo and with boosts from Riona and Trilby to cover any loss in power.

Now to take a look at some other notable cards to include with Clarissa! I like Contradicting Kindness, Virginia for her resource engine management, although she is not part of the Earnescorrect group. Her skill activates at the end of the battle after she attacked while boosted. If an order was played, she can soul charge herself and counter charge 1. This resembles the Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine resource superiority to help manage that soulblasting and counterblasting during battle step, so anything to help pay for Earnescorrect’s upkeep costs to maximize each turn gives that little bit more peace of mind.

Next up, we got Lovable Dress, Rilla with an intriguing support for Earnescorrect! She has an auto RG skill where at the end of the battle she attacked, you counterblast one to put her to the bottom of the deck and you draw a card and give an Earnescorrect unit an additional +5k power! She may not be part of the idol group, but she does open up the field for some synergy skills and refunds herself by allowing you to draw a card and adding power to the other Earnescorrect idols on the board!

The next card to support comes from the defensive lines for the Earnescorrect idol group in Friend Up, Ilda! On guardian circle placement, you can bounce an Earnescorrect idol back to hand! This card is definitely one to consider including in the Earnescorrect deck to protect your cards from getting swung at with Lenard or from getting sucked into the soul by Baromagnes! Even running a playset of each of the Earnescorrect idols, you will lose some to damage or guarding, so Ilda is there to help retain as much of their copies in your control as possible! The added benefit is that there is no additional cost to bouncing that Earnescorrect back to hand so this is quite nice to have to surprise your opponent!

Finally, there is Active Life, Jerrie where she becomes a defensive Grade 3 that can retire herself from the field when an Earnescorrect is attacked to have that unit gain +10k power! This may be a bit more restrictive as she must be on the field by the time the Earnescorrect is attacked, but that +10k power is nothing to scoff at. Clarissa can utilize all the defensive power she can and I see her as a 1-2 tech of in Earnescorrect decks if players want to try her out.

So enough of my takes, let’s check out what’s being run in Japan at the moment! I’ll take a look at a player’s journey in the first two weeks of the set release!

Shoutouts to Outer Orange from YouTube for covering the early run deck lists featured on Dexander!

The one I’m digging is Card Kingdom Mizonokuchi’s build for developing from Week 1 to Week 2. The first week, I see consistent 4 of each Earnescorrect unit with 4 copies “Aim to be the Strongest Idol!” for the starting core. For the tech, I see the defensive card “With Emotions, Evelina” that for 1 soublast on Guardian Circle, you get to give an Earnescorrect unit +10k power until the end of battle. This is a pretty decent 10k shield-equivalent to guard attacks, and can help defending those magic numbers that break through that 5k shield threshold. Running 11 Critical triggers along with your OverTrigger and heals seem to be the way to go to really push in damage.

However, in Week 2, instead we see three of Munching Girl, Seeya, as featured in the trial deck! This is good for building board or filtering your hand for 1 soulblast, making a good addition to recover your board! Further, seeing the switch from 11 critical triggers to 4 critical, 7 fronts, shows a bit more power gain to overcome defensive triggers. This takes interesting precedence as with critical triggers, you run the risk of the opponent hitting a defensive trigger that can reduce your pain for multi-attacking with Catarin.

That is all for the Earnescorrect units folks! Overall, this deck can be built a different amount of ways beyond the Earnescorrect idols themselves, even including cards from the other supports. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article, and if you have any cards in particular you want to include in the build that is not included here, let me know in the comments below! Take care everyone, and see you in the next one!

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