May 28, 2023

Good Morning/Evening everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back at it again writing for Axis Vanguard with another breakdown of cards for my personal favorite ride line in Lyrical Monasterio, Feltyrosa! Besides glossing over the universal starter, we got ourselves an interesting theme building a fearsome board and multi-attacking with these idols on an ever-revolving table of swings! Let’s check this support out!

First, we got Beautiful Day Off, Feltyrosa, where after you ride onto the Grade 2, you can soulblast 1 to obtain a <Ghost> back to your hand from the drop zone. This incentivizes refunding your ride deck cost discarding ghost cards to access the ride deck, and is a pretty decent way to maintain tempo. The Vanguard/Rear-Guard skill allows her to be a 10k attacker/booster if you have a <Ghost> on Rear-Guard. This is pretty decent, but with other support options available, I think she will be just fine as a one-of copy in the ride deck.

Next up is Talent of Enjoyment, Feltyrosa, where when you ride a Grade 3 on top, you can get a <Ghost> normal unit and place it on top of the deck to get a <Ghost> from drop zone back to hand. This continues the refund and also sets up the fearsome combo of our Grade 3! Then she gains +5k power for your turn if you have at least three <Ghost> rear-guards! However, you should notice that she is a <Vampire> type, so this deck will not be 100% ghosts. So please be careful when you are deck building so you have the best synergy between Feltyrosa and the ghosts you run in this deck!

Finally, we top off the ride line with Rondeau of Dusk Moon, Feltyroza, with one skill, but it’s a potentially game-changing one! When you drive check a <Ghost> normal unit, you can call it to an open front-row rear-guard for free! Then, you can also pay an additional 1 counterblast to gain +1 drive check! This is not once-per-turn skill, which is understandable given the cost and setup you need. Throughout these past reveals, there are cards in Lyrical Monasterio that can clear the way to summon these rear guards, but the key is balancing between clearing the way for Feltyrosa to summon the ghosts to those open-rear guard circles and resource management to keep counterblasts open to instill fear in your opponents that they did not drop enough guard! If they do not drop that sentinel, they will always run the risk that extra drive check could get you your overtrigger! Now, that you have a nice intro to the ride line, let’s get to the support, starting with the ghosts!

First, let’s start with Fleeting Maiden, Hannerore! As a ghost, she can be a decent card to call off your drive check. However, she is best when she is out on the field already, as when another unit is placed in the same column as her, she gains +2k power until end of turn! This sets up for a bigger swing later as you can normal call a rear-guard in front of her, and she becomes a 10k booster. Then later in the turn, that same rear-guard can leave that circle and you can call a new <Ghost> rear guard to the front row and she becomes a 12k booster! The magic numbers are pretty subtle, but she does help to hit that magic number of 28k/33k to prevent one-card guards!

The next grade 1 is Fulfill Sweets, Anselma! When she is in the back-row rear-guard, when a rear-guard is placed during battle phase, you can soulblast 2 to draw a card! The cost is similar to the classic rear-guard for on-placement, soulblast 2 to draw 1 of past years, but this one has an extra +1k power with recursion to activate again! You won’t be seeing much use of her until Turn 3, and the soulblast 2 can be heavy after paying soul for the Feltyrosa ride line. I would treat this as an end-game card to build your hand to defend in case you are not able to deal and stick a 6th damage to your opponent.

The next <Ghost> up at bat is Little Lady, Helmina! When she is placed on rear-guard circle, if you have another <Ghost> rear-guard, you can choose a rear-guard and it gains +5k until end of turn, including herself! The condition is very flexible as you can place Helmina during your main phase and give that magical +5k boost or even use her to call during Feltyrosa’s superior call skill and build your board to make up for lack of triggers! I definitely would run this as a full playset to keep boosting the board to maintain strong numbers during your battle phase, one of the star players!

Let’s get to the Grade 2 ghosts! First up is A Serenata Dedicated to My Lady, Eleonore, where she has a skill on-attack, you soulblast 2 to gain +15k power to a 25k swing on her own! Then at the end of her battle step, she goes to the top of the deck to set up for Feltyrosa! However, that soulblast 2 is a hefty cost, so be wary with using her. I can see this as a strong card to use Turn 3 as you would be able to soulblast 2 after riding to Rondeau of Dusk Moon, Feltyroza, or even better, your persona ride turn to have her swing for 35k power on her own after paying the cost! If anything, this card is worthy to run in to help keep hitting <Ghosts> off of your drive checks.

The next card for Grade 2s is Bodyguards Captain, Marleen! If you have at least three <Ghost> rear guards, she gains +2k power and +5k shield! This card can be a strong card to utilize for Feltyrosa, but with the amount of field manipulation that is available in the card pool in the entirety of OverDress, this can be a tough condition to maintain as you want to use this potential 10k shield for guarding those 18k-22k power thresholds. You may have an entire field to work with after your turn is over, but you have to prepare that your opponent will be ready to knock out your rear-guards before they begin their battle phase. Alas, 10k shields have been extremely useful in this format, and this card should not be slept on.

And yes, we got ourselves a hell of an engine to play 4-of in the entire deck: Longing Tied Up, Heilwig! When she is placed on rear-guard during battle phase, you can soulcharge herself and draw 1 card! I would definitely have her in hand early on to use as discard fodder to access the ride deck as well as stack her on top of the deck for Turn 3 when you swing with Feltyrosa to build hand and board! Drawing is building so be sure to have this playset maxed out for you to provide a quality offense for the rest of the game!

Feltyrosa got some really good star power in this one! Meet Capriccio of Circulating Star, Ingrid! When she is placed on rear-guard from anywhere besides hand, you countercharge 1 and stand the rear-guard behind her! With this, you can maximize Hannerore with boosting twice instead of once and can be setup with the ride-line so this is another card to consider keep in your opening hand in case you don’t have Heilwig! Additionally, when she attacks, she gains +5k until end of battle, reaching that magic 18k swing! However, she must go to the bottom of the deck. This is a mandatory skill as there is no “may” or similar language, but this also does clear a way for summoning a new <Ghost> from your drive check to further Feltyrosa’s strategy! I personally would run her as full playset of as well!

To round out all the <Ghost> units so far, we got Selfie Practice, Anneliese! At the end of the battle she attacked, if she was boosted, you can soulcharge herself and give a rear-guard +5k power! Like Ingrid, she also fades out of the rear-guard circle, but this time builds soul and power for your board to pay for Eleonore and Anselma! I could also see this as a 4 of, making this deck a bit more like Dimension Police or Nova Grapplers from before that can help maintain the strategy from the midgame onward.

After looking at all of this support so far, I think that the only notable I realized was that there is no <Ghost> for the sentinel, as <Angel> sentinels have two, one for the trial deck and one for the set itself. I can see this as an understanding choice as you don’t want all the deck to be <Ghost> besides Feltyrosa herself. Then again, you draw so much with these cards that you’ll likely draw into the non-Ghost cards if you manage resources correctly. That is all I got for this article, I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to comment with any feedback. Cheers all, and take care!

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