May 28, 2023

This article is what Pastel*Palettes, better abbervated to Pasupare in the fandom, has to offer in Vanguard

Pastel*Palettes is an idol-band formed by a talent agency. The agency has auditioned these members each with their own talents to perform as a group. Their aim being to show their definition of an ‘Idol’. The deck definitely shows what an idol is…

Card Introduction

Grade 3

This Aya main G3 for the deck. The first skill checks for the number of unique Pasupare cards in the soul. If there are 5 or more, all Pasupare members get +5k and if it is 8 or more they get +10k power instead. This helps form the numbers and columns it needs as a 3 attack deck.

Its second skill can play a Pasupare music from either the drop zone or the deck. It helps activate the Order effects, which are key to the deck.

Grade 2s

Chisato is a unique grade 2 that will synergise with music Yura-Yura Ring-Dong-Dance, which will be mentioned later

Her first skill on the vanguard gives the Vanguard Aya +5k if there is 5 or more unique Pasupare cards in soul. This skill may seem weird but see order card Yura Yura Ring Dong Dance as it has synergy with it

Her 2nd skill by putting 1 Pasupare card from hand into soul, return up to 1 Pasupare other than Chisato from soul to your hand. This helps meet the unique Pasupare cards in soul requirement for this band. 

Note that triggers have no band and cannot be chosen for this effect

Hina is a really consistent and good grade 2 that helps build advantage over time.

Her first skill gives her +5k power and shield if there is 5 or more unique Pasupare cards in soul. It allows her to be a 10k shield and a 15k attacker which helps with guarding or column numbers

Her 2nd skill is why she is a consistent card, by being able to add Pasupare cards from the drop zone to hand and soul helps with building advantage. Remember that music cards are also from the band and will meet the Pasupare cards in soul requirements so the music cards that you do not need can be shoved into soul. 

Note that triggers have no band and cannot be chosen for this effect.

A simple card that helps put any Pasupare card from deck and add it to the soul. Her effect is locked to activated only once per turn but as it is a free search for a specific Pasupare card to help meet the unique Pasupare members in soul requirement. 

Remember that music cards are also from the band and will meet the Pasupare cards in soul requirements so the music cards that you do not need can be put into soul by this effect.

Grade 1s

Aya’s skill is to search the top 7 of the deck for any Aya card and add it to hand, discarding 1 if any card was added. This is the deck’s main method to search for the Grade 3 Aya, and able to search for the Grade 2 or Grade 1 Aya if needed to.

Maya’s skill is simple, it accelerates by soul charging any Pasupare cards from the top 3 cards of the deck. The skill can be used to filter out normal unit Pasupare cards, add Pasupare music not needed and add Pasupare trigger units if needed into the soul.

Eve’s random soul charge can be useful as duplicates can be removed by Chisato’s skill

Being a Grade 1 able to intercept from the backrow will help with some defense as the deck is not the best with guarding.

Music Order Cards

Order cards is the newest mechanic in Vanguard. Order cards can only be played once every turn and for Bang Dream, these (music) Order cards will be placed on the rearguard circle behind the Vanguard Circle and moved into the drop zone at the end of the turn. These Order cards have grades, which can only be played if the Vanguard is of the same grade or above.

B-side for Shuwarin*Dreamin, and also a duet song with Chisato

This allows Chisato to become a Vanguard on a front row rearguard circle, which her first skill now makes sense. This effect is similar to that of Solitary Knight, Gancelot, which turned any Blaster Blade front row rearguard circle into a Vanguard circle. Remember as she is also a vanguard, she can perform drive checks, which makes up for the discard cost. This effect is also only for the turn, which means another Chisato from deck or drop will be needed to reuse this Order.

Insert song from the 2nd season from the anime

Its skill allows the vanguard Aya to attack all units. This effect is similar to that of Exculpate the (Aya) Blaster, a huge board wipe helping with controlling the board state.

Pasupare’s first single song, also the most iconic for the band

Simple 2 draw discard 1 if there is Pasupare on V or R. Filters for cards and builds drop zone for Hina’s skill if needed.


The gameplan aims to get Stacked Feelings Aya’s +5k power for 5 unique Pasupare in soul up as soon as possible, and eventually getting the 8 unique Pasupare souls for the +10k power. Eve, Hina, Maya and Childish Idol Aya are the main ways to soul charge and Chisato is the main way to control what cards are in the soul. Take advantage of Yura Yura Ring Dong Dance as it is a consistent way to get Chisato and manipulate what is in the soul, while having Chisato perform drive checks.

Sample Decklist

This is a simple decklist, with 4 copies of all Pasupare units, except for 3 Eve. For order cards, 4 copies of YuraYura and 1 of Shuwarin Dreamin and Kyumai Flower.

Kyumai Flower and Shuwarin Dreamin order skills are normally not used, and is in the deck mainly as a unique Pasupare card for meeting the soul count requirements

If you want, increase the number of draw triggers, replacing critical triggers, as drawing through the deck helps with getting cards to help manipulate the cards in soul.


The deck revolves around gathering the units into soul (talent) and is mainly based around the duet song Yura Yura Ring Dong Dance between Aya and Chisato. The other members, while not flashy, gets the job done for the deck. Of course being an Oshi (fan) should not be the main reason to play the deck but it is a valid one as the band is based around the idol concept

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