May 29, 2023


Zero2pass, stoked to be here with a deck discussion for the Brandt Gate Orfist archtype. Played by Zakusa Ishigame in the anime, Orfist provides what looks on the surface to be a very straight forward aggro deck. While only providing 3 attacks at most, the numbers can get relatively large as compared to the other nations. However, with the reveals for Brandt Gate we have also acquired a set of defense tools that help us build walls in order to survive the counterattacks.

For more detail regarding the Orfist specific cards please see my other blog. Please check out the blog by GleamingGarmore as well for more insight. With that said, let’s jump right into the deck study!!


Orfist, released in DBT01, is the second Brandt Gate archtype presented to us in the reboot overDress.  The main strategy is to generate heavy hitting columns, forcing the opponent to either guard with multiple cards from their hand (harder to do now that G1s are 5k shield once again), force perfect guards, or watch them yolo while they no guard in hopes that you won’t hit critical triggers.  A relative weakness of this deck is that it can only attack 3 times.  However, a handful of tools help to assist the deck in this regard, centered around attrition as well as guard tech.  These are provided as options to splash in to help control game tempo, as will be further discussed for the deck presented herein.

Ride deck

For the G0 I recommend running Ruby Red from the Seraph trial deck. This will provide a bit of confusion for your opponent, if just for a moment. Such a tactic may influence any mulligan decisions made by your opponent, given they will likely think you are running the Seraph archtype, which happens to be a very different construct in deck mechanics and playstyle. Once you ride Routis as your G1 your opponent will then see the error in their ways, if influenced as such. Upon riding Routis fetch the G2 world set order Howling Moonlit Night. Once you then ride up to your G2 Cubisa you will want to call this order in to your order zone to place yourself in Dark Night. This will allow you to proc Cubisa, giving him a 5k attack bonus until end of turn. Upon placement of Howling Moonlit Night you also draw a card, helping to replete your hand size and dig deeper for pieces you will need to keep up the momentum. This effect cannot be countered, as it only costs a mere 1 soul blast to proc. Finally, Orfist is the G3 ride target, setting you up for putting on the gas!!


By running multiple copies of both the G2 (Howling Moonlit Night) and G3 (In the Darkness Nobody Knows) world set orders you increase your chances of getting to Abyssal Dark Night on your first Orfist ride. This is crucial in putting Orfist fully online, being able to then counter blast 2 to generate up to three 15k Shadow Army token units that each have boost as well. These tokens are how you make the heavy hitting columns to force your opponent in a corner when it comes to guarding decisions. Each unit in the Orfist ‘ride chain’ gains bonuses from being in Dark Night and/or Abyssal Dark Night, further powering up your three attack columns, hopefully making it very difficult for your opponent to comfortably guard the beatdown. Persona ride of Orfist further gains the front row an extra 10k and card draw to hand, helping to snowball the attack force bonuses beyond what the opponent can handle!!

Defense, Tempo, and Support

On the opponent’s counterattack, we have Useful Recharger to aid in guarding.  For 1 counter blast this card gains 5k shield when placed on GC if at Dark Night world set order status or 10k shield if at Abyssal Dark Night world set order status.  As mentioned above, with Bushiroad having taken us back to G1 units having 5k shield, this card can act to help keep us from having to guard with as many cards as we might otherwise need.  However, it does require you to keep in mind that Orfist requires 2 counter blast and is thus crucial to only use Recharger when all else would be lost.  We also have the new blitz order Lightning Barrier, Emergency Defense!  For counter blast 2, this gives your defending vanguard 30k boost until the end of the battle.  It effectively works as a 30k critical sentinel in V premium.  An inclusion of Useful Recharger and this blitz order, in a ratio of personal preference, is highly recommended!!

Sometimes the best defense is found in an aggressive offense. Defensive tempo shifting can be controlled by use of the retire effect of the G3 world set order In the Darkness Nobody Knows and by attacking with the G3 unit Jabattall. When on RC, it attacks all units in the same column it has targeted, allowing you a bit more attrition advantage in potentially making your opponent’s columns smaller than they would have otherwise been on the counterattack. Together, these control effects with the guard effects described above allow you to keep more cards in hand while forcing the opponent to call more cards to the field, in turn with them having less in hand to guard with.

Lastly, Bobalmine fuels it all by soul charging itself in after the battle it boosted, along with counter charging for 1. This keeps Orfist online and allows more freedom to proc Recharger or the blitz order when needed to swing the game tempo in your favor. It is quite possibly the most important card in the deck!!

Trigger Lineup

We are running 1 OTK trigger (Eldobreath), along with 7 criticals, 4 draws, and 4 heals.  One could consider running the G2 Drummler to help with card draw; counter blast 1 and sould blast 1 to draw if at Abyssal Dark Night.  However, I have opted to pack the draw effects into the trigger line up given Orfist, Useful Recharger and the G1 blitz order all require counter blast.  As explained above, these guard effects are very helpful given that the return to 5k G1 shield values.  They are quite aggressive defensively!!

Deck List

Without further ado, here is the deck list. Look forward to hearing what is working for you. Until next time, stand up THE vanguard!!

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