May 29, 2023

Welcome back today we will cover all the double rares for Keter Sanctuary as well as, well more Grade 3s. Let’s get right into it!

Knight of War Damage, Fossad

[CONT](RC): This unit cannot be chosen by your opponent’s card effects.

[AUTO](RC): When this unit’s attack hits, Counter Charge (1)/Soul Charge (1).

Card Type : Attacker, Utility

Another strong contender for the G3 Slots in Keter, Fossad has 2 skills which both make it a useful rearguard. Its CONT skill prevents it from being chosen by your opponent’s card effects similar to resist making it immune to a majority of removal skills such as imprison and retire that’s already present in the D series making it a reliable card to have on your board at all times. 

It also has an additional skill that is very useful for Keter, when it hits the player gets to CC1 and SC1, giving you free resources to use throughout the game. As we see with cards like Cometh, Alden, and Dark Strain, Keter can have some costly skills that while manageable with proper planning and experience, can lead to Keter being cornered, and force them to play very linearly. This is especially apparent with counterblast as our primary advantage generators are both Counterblast 2. This applies similarly to soul as well ( Dark Strain, Alden, Painkiller )

Fossad thus helps Keter to have freer control of its resources throughout the game and at worse, will pressure the opponent into guarding its attacks, as well more resources will eventually translate to more opportunities to use more skills with Bastion, it is possible to pressure the opponent twice with the effect too. 

Still, a rather passive card, compared to the other grade 3s we do have 

Painkiller Angel

[AUTO](RC): At the end of the battle this unit boosted COST [Soul Blast (1) & retire this unit], and draw a card.

Card Type : Booster , Cycle

For once yea, not a grade 3 (jk). Painkiller Angel is a really useful card for Keter Sanctuary as it is essentially a booster that can convert itself into a card at the end of its battle. 

This can be useful early into the game to secure more Grade 3s to meet requirements like the ride deck or even to form some numbers to push damage in. Something which Bastion-focused builds tends to lack in the early game.  

Still, as it is optional when we can use it, leaving it as a booster until we need to draw is a viable strategy.

Mystic Amethyst, Kokabiel

[CONT](GC):If your vanguard is “Apex Ruler, Bastion”, this unit gets [Shield]+5000 for every two of your grade 3 units. 

Card Type : Defensive

Our prayers’ for some shield has been answered, its a grade 3 unit with one simple skill, that allows it to gain a shield for every two grade 3 units we control, which will count the Vanguard, Rearguard, and Guardians.

By itself this means a minimum of a 5k shield, with it only scale depending on your field. Also unlike blitz orders we have seen, this will not be restricted to once per turn, so you can hang on to it until you need to use it. As a G3 unit, it too can be used to fill the board or skills like Alden when push comes to shove , or even just to replace attackers that may have been lost. 

With that, we bring a close to the regular RR slots for Keter, and we are about 2 weeks till the full cardlist of of D-BT01.

With all the Grade 3s we have seen so far it’s really exciting to see the variety of skills that we get. As someone who enjoys deck building, I’m looking forward to giving them all a shot! Even Painkiller Angel is looking to be a very strong and flexible card that Keter will appreciate no matter which Vanguard we are building towards.

With that till next time , where I hope to cover more stuff in the sanctuary of the sky.

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