May 28, 2023

Today’s Card Spotlight is our own Over Trigger! We finally get to see what benefits we get when drive checking it. Let’s dive into it!

(You may only have one [Over] trigger in a deck. When revealed as a trigger, remove that card, draw a card, choose one of your units, and it gets [Power]+100 Million until end of turn! If revealed during drive check, activate its additional effect!)
Additional Effect – Draw a card! Choose one of your units, until end of turn, it gets [Critical]+1! And all of your front row units get [Power]+10000! If your damage zone has more cards than your opponent’s, choose a card from your damage zone, and heal it!


  • It’s basically a (Draw, Critical, Front, and Heal trigger) all in one!
  • This can fill in certain trigger ratio roles to help out


  • Maximum benefit is obtained if our VG attacks first (we tend to attack with a RG or more first)
  • If low on deck size, we could deck out sooner than we thought due to drawing through 2 more cards

overDress D Format Impact

This will definitely help out in generally for Stoicheia moving forward! Both Magnolia and Zorga variants will use this!

Some Tips:

  • You can give a back row unit the 100 million power so Magnolia can have that unit attack with that massive power up, while your front row has +10k
  • Alongside with 4 Heal triggers, this card be seen as our 5th Heal trigger
    • This is impactful because there’s a limit of 4 Heal triggers for all decks
    • You can reduce to 3 Heal triggers and keep this Over trigger to make room for another Critical, Draw, or Front trigger
  • Furthermore, this card is really nice when trying to figure out trigger ratios because it fulfills all of those different types of triggers


We also seen the other Over triggers for the other nations and we can tell they are all different. For example, Brandt Gate and Dark States have the following additional effects:

Brandt Gate:
Additional Effect – Double the [Power] and [Critical] of all of your front row units until end of turn! (Increase to double its [Power] and [Critical] when activated)

Dark States:
Additional Effect – You get “During your turn, all of your vanguards get [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1” until end of this fight!

Perhaps this can be a clue to what Bushiroad has in mind for the future of the nations. For example, Dark States would benefit more if they have a restanding VG when resolving the Over trigger. Also, Brandt Gate would benefit more by having units already gaining power and an additional Critical beforehand, so doubling it would make it much more threatening!

However, our Over trigger is really just all the triggers combined, so what does that mean for us? Glad you asked! Perhaps, we can speculate a few things:

  • Flexibility of different types of Winning Image strategies
    • So far we’re RG-centric but aren’t limited to it
    • Other Winning Images can be a restanding VG/RG, high power multi attack, high Critical attacks, etc.
  • The Over trigger will be more of a nice-to-have when resolving it, so deckbuilding our deck’s Winning Image shouldn’t be as impacted

The reason I bring this up is because players often are concerned with certain card skills that can hurt the overall clan’s potential.

For example, many players speculated that a card like Tahro in Genesis would prohibit cards in the future to NOT SB during the battle phase. However, that was not the case since we got a retrain of Gleipnir and a new card Painkiller Angel in Keter Sanctuary.

So really what this gives us, is just an idea of knowing that our nation will have opportunity to have multiple different Winning Images.

Premium Format Impact

This can also be slapped into the Zoo clans, Aqua Force, and Granblue. Overall, it benefits for the same reasons as mentioned prior. So I’ll highlight some key things to help take more advantage of the Over trigger.

Returning The Over Trigger Back To Deck

We may draw into the Over trigger and miss out on drive checking it! Currently, in D Format you would be out of luck, but in Premium we have cards like Kieltmka in Great Nature that can return the Over trigger back to deck. Also, the Legion mechanic returns any 4 cards back to deck. In Legion decks, it was common to return triggers such as Criticals and Heals, so now we can do the Over trigger.

Adding It To Hand For Reusable Defense

In Granblue, we have a card like Greed Shade that has served so much utility and consistency. We can keep grabbing the Over trigger to 1 card Guard most attacks in Premium.

It’s expected that there will be a high chance of milling or drawing into the Over trigger in Granblue. So Greed Shade really helps with still making a use of it.

Watch Out For Deck Out!

Yep, deck out is more likely to happen in Premium with the clans that can use this Over trigger. It’s common to be able to do a Final Turn when having a few cards left in deck because that’s all you got left! So we count how many cards are left and it can dictate our turn.

An example, in Granblue with the Bad Bounty turn, there will be 2 VG attacks. So you will see 5 drive checks. Cards like Negrobone V helped with adding more cards back into the bottom of the deck, so we could still be able to do a solid Bad Bounty turn with a very low deck size.

However, keep in mind Draw triggers were scary in these scenarios. If you were off by 1 card to deck out, you would immediately lose! The Over trigger has that same issue but it’s more scarier. You actually will draw 2 more cards out of the deck if you drive check the Over trigger. One for it being an Over trigger and the additional effect to draw another card.

So be mindful of it and potential deck out!

Final Thoughts

The Over trigger is welcome in both Stoicheia and the old clans! It’ll be cool to see some of the interactions and moments that these cards can have.

What are your guys’ thoughts? Do you like our Over trigger?

Thanks again for reading! Till next time amigos, see ya!

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