May 28, 2023

Hi amigos, yesterday we got some more reveals! We also got a variety of both skills and artwork, let’s dive into it!


  • Ellenia can revive cards that were used from the Ride deck since they end up in Soul
  • Ellenia helps build a field and give that unit +5k to hit 13k VGs on their own
  • Admantis also helps making other G1 and higher units hit VG on their own
  • Admantis is more useful in a Magnolia build to have all attacks hit on their own
  • The Blitz order can be a 1 card PG against most VGs


  • Ellenia uses Soul, which conflicts with other cards that already use Soul
  • Ellenia is limited to be on placed from hand to RC
  • Admantis itself doesn’t do much
  • Sealed Road costs 2CB to use

overDress D Format Impact

These cards have some different variety to the skills we’ve been seeing. There’s potential in both Ellenia and Sealed Road the most. Ellenia because it has some revival aspect to it.

She honestly reminds me of Negrolazy from G Era! However, she’s limited in comparison. For example, we can’t extend more attacks during the battle phase unless she’s called from hand. Perhaps, battle phase calling from hand could be a thing in Stoicheia moving forward.

The Blitz order Sealed Road is also interesting. At best, we use 2CB to nullify a VG attack. It’s a 1 card usage too. However, 2CB is pretty hefty so I wonder if this will even see play. Zorga’s Alchemagic is limited to Normal Orders, so we don’t get to benefit when we use Blitz orders.

With Admantis, I feel it’s kind of a nice to have card until another card out values it. One play that you can do is use Ellenia to revive the Admantis. Then use Admantis’ skill to give +5k to Ellenia. So now both Ellenia and Admatis can hit 13k VGs on their own, which helps Magnolia’s multi-attack strategy.

Premium Format Impact

Searchable Order Cards (credit to Duke)

My friend and Megacolony enthusiast, Duke, had mentioned the increase usefulness of Cradle Markers.

Cradle markers can search up to one card with the same grade. That means Order cards are also searchable. Typically, the units that are Cradled will be G1s and G2s so we can search Order cards of those same grades.

Defensively, Megacolony can search for a G1 PG. Now we can search a G2 Order card that can be used defensively as well. Blitz Order cards will be fulfilling that role. So cards like Sealed Road can be searched. This can allow for tech ratios of 1-2 for certain Order cards.

Ellenia’s Impact

In Zoo clans and Aqua Force, Ellenia can be used as a Negrolazy essentially. These clans will have revival of G2s and lower, but also reviving cards that end up in the Soul.

Here are some examples:

  • Aqua Force -> Coral Assault, Nerissa, Nikki targets that were SCed
  • Megacolony -> Megalaralancer targets that were SCed and Twilight Madder
  • Neo Nectar -> Combo pieces that were ridden (Token generators/Bloom)
  • Great Nature -> Combo pieces that were ridden (Crayon Tiger)

Furthermore, there’s G Guard uses too during your opponent’s turn.

Both Neo Nectar and Great Nature have G Guards that can call cards from hand to RC. Which Ellenia can activate to revive ANY G2 or less unit! That means as we get more Stoicheia G2s and lower that have on place skills, we can revive those to have new interactions.

Popular interactions are G Guard’s that can do Pseudo Denial Griffin plays like with Negrolily-Cannoneer. It’ll be interesting to see as we get more cards in the future where this can be a potential interaction.

Note: Marimarten cannot be revived with Ellenia due to it being a G3.


So wow! Sealed Road is pretty dark in artwork compared to most Vanguard cards! I do like it since it goes with the Zorga theme. Furthermore, it’s a good example of a more mature-like artwork from CLAMP.

Ellenia is great as a Neo Nectar-like card with a Granblue-like skill! Admantis has a very solid artwork that is Megacolony-like. Duke and I are looking forward to seeing more Megacolony-like artwork that is similar. I’m liking all the artworks!

Final Thoughts

Pretty cool new skills and potentially opening more line of plays in the future for both formats.

Also, feel free to check out Solemn’s thoughts about the new cards too:

What are your guys’ thoughts? What would you like to see? Till the next time amigos, see ya!

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