May 28, 2023

Hi amigos, today we got 2 new reveals for Stoicheia in Genesis of the Five Greats! Let’s dive into it!


  • Cursed Soul let’s us do 3 things at once
    • Superior call units
    • Mill cards into drop zone
    • SB cards into the drop zone
  • The unit(s) called with Cursed Soul get +5k
  • There’s additional benefit if Alchemagic is on
  • Hydraulic Ram Dragon gets an additional +5k when an Order card is in your bind zone


  • SB2 for Cursed Soul may conflict with other cards that also SB
  • Cursed Soul is a G3 Order, so it’s dead early on
  • Hydraulic Ram Dragon has no VC skill but it’s okay since we can always get Zorga from the Ride deck

overDress D Format Impact

I’m actually impressed with how simple yet effective the skills are for both cards. I’m most excited about Cursed Soul. The card allows us to check the top 4 to have a good chance of superior calling a quality RG. Furthermore, the drop zone will increase so Zorga can revive more quality RGs.

Paired up with Condensation it can help with building a solid field formation. Now, there is a conflict of resource use. The Soul is used and with this play with Alchemagic, we’ll need 3SB.

We definitely could use a card that can help SC. A card that can SC will help with alleviating this issue. Otherwise, we’ll have to be very selective on our resource management when using our Order cards with Alchemagic.

Hydraulic Ram Dragon (HRD) can be very useful on making solid RG columns. Here are some numbers:

  • HRD called by Condensation/Cursed Soul -> 18k + 5k = 23k
  • HRD called by Condensation/Cursed Soul (boosted by Rancor/GDR used) -> 18k + 5k + 10k = 33k
  • Can hit 43k and 53k with adding Persona Ride and Rancor/GDR

To be honest at first, I was kind disappointed with HRD’s skill. But then thinking more about it with the power gains, I feel it’s going to be our new go-to beater. Almost like us relying on Skull Dragon in Granblue.

Is there any use on having Magnolia then? More than likely no. These new reveals keep pushing this new Alchemagic and revival style. So I feel there will be a separate deck already in Stoicheia. One that is more Magnolia focused and the other being more Zorga focused.

A Magnolia focused deck can actually use Cursed Soul as well! It will help with getting a quality RG to use for it’s multi attack turns. Do keep in mind the Soul since other cards like Lattice use Soul.

Premium Format Impact

So what about Premium? Glad you asked! HRD may be a bit challenging to use since it specifically needs to see an Order card in the bind zone. Furthermore, we have better beaters in the old clans.

So really the impactful card would be Cursed Soul! Cursed Soul allows us to have a Gold Paladin effect in the Zoo clans, Aqua Force, and Granblue.

Granblue would benefit the most since it can use the drop zone to revive cards naturally. Furthermore, Greed Shade can grab cards into hand from drop zone.

The other clans may or may not want to use Cursed Soul. SB2 to call 1 card may not be worth it due to other current support that can give more benefit. However, there is something to point out.

Legion use?

Funny enough, the discard effect actually works well with Legion!

Aqua Force has access to the Ripple Legion pair Miltiadis and Genovious! Thanks to cards like Odysseus, they can build Soul really easily. So Cursed Soul could work just fine and have enough cards in the drop zone to perform Legion.

Another good Legion Pair is Tester Fox and Researcher Fox from Great Nature. Sometimes when going 2nd, you can Stride or perform Legion. However, there were some moments where one didn’t have at 4 cards in the drop zone to perform Legion.

Cursed Soul guarantees us 5 cards into the drop zone (2 from Soul and 3 from the top of the deck).

Will this be broken? Probably not. But it is cool to see something help aid in older (sometimes forgotten) mechanics/decks. I’m not sure about the other clans that have Legion could benefit too such as Neo Nectar and Megacolony.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are welcomed additions! I did like that we have a 3rd new Order card in the same set! It allows for more options with Alchemagic!

What are your guys’ thoughts? What do you feel we’re still missing? Are you excited?

Till next time amigos, see ya!

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