May 29, 2023

First introduced in 2017 for joining in Bang Dream Girls Band Party, Afterglow as a band was formed by the 5 childhood friends who is always looking forward for things to be the same as always. This deck definitely looks to do the same things as always…..

Card Introduction

Grade 3

Ran is the main Grade 3 for the deck. By resting up to 2 units, she can give the same number of rested units +10k. This effect is similar to that of Aqua Force’s resting card costs to gain effects.

Her second skill can play an Afterglow music from either the drop zone or the deck. It helps activate the Order effects, which are key to the deck.

Grade 2

Moca is an important card in the deck, for both its offense and defence. For defence, all Afterglow units get +5k shield, allowing even the music cards to be worth shield value for guarding. For offence it can give all Afterglow units +5k power, which helps increase the power of all Rearguards.

Himari’s resist skill may not work for board wipes, but she helps keep the other members on the board against single target removal.

Her 2nd skill is a simple draw 1, which helps with getting cards to gather the other band members.

This Ran is the best advantage card in the band. She adds any Afterglow from the top deck to hand and any triggers while left on top of the deck, guarantees that you check a trigger for that drive check. It is repeatable with multiple copies of herself, able to cycle through the deck faster while getting advantage.

Grade 1

Tomoe helps make the Vanguard more threatening, by giving +5k power, and +1 critical if it is a Grade 3 Vanguard when rested by Afterglow card effects.

Tsugumi restands herself when rested by Afterglow card effects. This skill allows her to be rested again for the other member’s skill.

This Ran does a card draw and discard that can only be used once per turn. It helps to cycle for pieces to gather all the Afterglow members.

Music Order Cards

Order cards is the newest mechanic in Vanguard. Order cards can only be played once every turn and for Bang Dream, these (music) Order cards will be placed on the rearguard circle behind the Vanguard Circle and moved into the drop zone at the end of the turn. These Order cards have grades, which can only be played if the Vanguard is of the same grade or above.

Afterglow’s 4th Single

A simple draw 1 and able to stand 1 afterglow rearguard during the battle phase. Not as impactful or powerful than the other 2 music in this band, but being able to be played on Grade 1 turns is a consideration to run this card.

B-side for Afterglow’s First Single

Your other advantage card in the deck. It helps pick any Afterglow member you need in the moment. Very important order gathering pieces or getting Important Friends Ran for the Grade 3 ride. Its 2nd skill helps with restanding 2 rested Afterglow rearguards from card effects.

Insert Song from Bang Dream Season 2 #13
Its the main payoff Order for playing Afterglow. When Ran on the vanguard attacks, this Order stands Moca, Tsugumi, Tomoe and Himari on the rearguard, and if all 4 were stood this way, gain 2 Force markers. The potential for extra attacks and 2 force markers is the biggest payoff to playing the deck. Making up to 5 attacks while gaining more power from the markers is the winning strategy that this deck has to provide.

Sample Decklist

Afterglow does not really have much variation in its decklist mainly due to the requirements of Ran to have all members of Afterglow. The main part of the deck building is to max out the required members and available units and the music ratios are left to tinker around.

This sample build maxes out the best cards possible for the deck, Scarlet Sky and Passionate Heart Ran, while still maxing out the required units. This means that Hates to Lose Ran is not at 4 copies and Y.O.L.O as the weakest music does not make it into the list.

Sample topping list from Japan

This sample topping list from Japan plays more draws to draw into the members as gathering all members as early as its Grade 3 turn is how the deck wins.

Game Plan

So with On Your Mark’s restanding rearguards and gaining 2 Force markers, the whole deck ties down to getting its benefits as soon as possible on your first Grade 3 ride. In addition, getting 4 or 5 attacks (by not resting any front row rearguards) is an extra bonus that ties in with the deckThis leads to Force I vs Force II, which Force marker is better for the deck.

As Tsugumi is able to restand again to be rested for another member skills, If all skills are used this is how the board looks like

In most scenarios 4 attacks is easily doable (resting only 1 front row rearguard and 2 backrow rearguard for card effects) Hence generally Force 1 is more preferred and will be on the front row rearguard that will attack twice. The power synergizes well with the deck, adding more oomph in its attacks.

There are games where Force 2 markers could be relevant, when there is likely only 1 chance to gain Force markers from On Your Mark. This way it makes the 3 attacks after getting the Force markers threatening due to the 2 Critical from the Force 2, and can force the opponent to guard out his/her hand.


Afterglow as a deck is strong, but unluckily for Afterglow, there is a contender with a similar gameplan with Majesty Lord Blaster. Sometimes you might just miss every member but hey you do it with cute waifu cards. But as an oshi of the band, remember to always play your favourite waifu.

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