May 28, 2023

Hi amigos, today we got a lot of Stoicheia reveals from the new set Genesis of the Five Greats! We have a good amount of cards to cover and a new mechanic in this Card Spotlight! Let’s dive into it!

The G1s

  • Rancor let’s us +1 in hand advantage or filter 2 cards into drop zone
  • Rancor can become a 10k to hit G2s or become a 10k booster
  • Condensation let’s us revive ANY card of the same Grade or less than current VG
  • The revived unit gets +5k as well
  • Using the Ride Deck will aid us in drop zone targets too
  • The SBed card can be also revived with Condensation since that’s the Cost
  • Rancor outside of its VC doesn’t do as much, so you’ll be mainly focused with its VC skill when you use your Ride Deck
  • Both require SB1 so you may not be able to use on G1 turn

First off, Rancor’s skill, instantly made me think of Granblue! Just the fact we can draw 2 and discard cards, allow us to start setting up a drop zone! Furthermore, the Condensation Order card is like a Monster Reborn from Yu-Gi-Oh!. As well as Rancor to Shaddoll Beast.

Both cards Rancor and Condensation are a welcomed addition to Stoicheia! I’m excited for both the skills and the artwork!

PG and G2

  • Prana can be used if you have no cards remaining in hand so no discard required
    • Furthermore, when you have only 1 card left you don’t have to discard too
  • Husk Dragon can +1 in Hand advantage by retrieving an Order card for us
  • Husk Dragon synergizes with Rancor’s skill as you Ride up
  • It becomes a 15k attacker if you used an Order card, which hits 13k and over VGs
  • None really actually

I like the idea of PGs not having to discard if you only have 1 or less cards in hand. It adds an additional chance to survive. The discard doesn’t hurt us since we have Condensation to revive those discarded pieces too. Husk Dragon pairs up well with Rancor, so you’ll be using the Ride deck to further discard combo pieces as you ride up to G3. In fact, you can discard an Order card for being able to ride Husk Dragon from the Ride deck and grab it back!


  • For a CB1, Grief, Despair, and Rejection (GDR) can give us a Persona Ride-like turn as soon as we ride to G3!
  • We can discard GDR for later use since it’s a G3 Order card
  • Zolga let’s us do Alchemagic to essentially use 2 Order cards in one turn!
  • Zolga allows us to also revive key pieces or reuse them!
  • If you Persona Ride and use GDR, you can essentially have +20k power for three units alongside the power boosts that Rancor and Husk Dragon get on their own!
    • Husk Dragon -> 10k + 5k + 10k + 10k = 35k (+5k additional if revived with Condensation)
    • Rancor -> 8k + 2k + 10k + 10k = 30k (+5k additional if revived with Condensation)
  • GDR is a G3 Order, which is fair. It’s just that you can’t use this card till your G3 turn, so it’s a dead card early on
  • GDR is restricted to your VG being Zolga, so it doesn’t work with Magnolia from the starter deck

What is Alchemagic? Glad you asked! Here are some helpful slides they shared!

I really like how Zolga has the Granblue aesthetic and introduces Alchemagic to use 2 skills of Order cards. It can allow for powerful turns and flexibility!

Some Key Things For The Future:

  • Zolga’s Alchemagic will be able to combine new Order cards in the future for possible stronger combinations
  • Keep in mind that both the Costs of the Order cards are paid before any of the skills resolve
    • Furthermore, you must resolve the Order card activated first and then the bound one
  • I wonder if in the future normal Order cards could be activated from different card zones and different phases of a turn due to a card’s skill. If so, then Zolga can still use Alchemagic too for more combinations/timing interactions.

overDress D Format Impact

Just wow! I’m SUPER excited to play test with these cards! Personally, since Yu-Gi-Oh! days, I LOVE the mechanic of reusing your cards from the Graveyard. Granblue has always had that aesthetic and has an advantage with the game’s mechanics. Think about it. When you heal damage, SB, discard, guard, mill, etc. those cards ALL go to the drop zone!

As we can see, more and more of Stoicheia is RG-centric. Cards like Spiritual Body Condensation will see play and be VERY helpful on doing our turns. It’s even useful in the starter deck with Magnolia.

Not only that, but against nations such as Dragon Empire, will retire our RGs. So Condensation will be very helpful against those matchups.

We’re in a good position in my eyes! However, we’re still yet to see the 4 other nations’ support. Will see what strategies we may have to execute once we know what we’re dealing against.

Premium Impact

Oh boy! We got some really cool interactions in Premium! Let’s start with the basics and then expand from there!

Rancor and Condensation:

  • Filter hard for combo pieces that are essential for big Winning Image plays
    • This is helpful in all Zoo clans and Aqua Force as well
  • Discarding cards in Granblue help set up the drop zone
  • Revival in Zoo clans and Aqua Force!
    • Aqua Force -> Coral Assault, Tidal Assault, Nerissa, Riptide, etc.
    • Megacolony -> Ant Lion, Darkface, Bolas, Phantom Black
    • Great Nature -> Crayon Tiger, Rhino
    • Neo Nectar -> Gladiolus, Ahsha, Token generators, etc.

I firmly believe that Condensation will have the biggest impact in these clans! There’s so many possibilities and issues that are mitigated thanks to having access to this card.

PG and Husk Dragon:

  • Discardless PG when having a low hand could be beneficial
  • Husk Dragon can help with reriding to stay on G2 if needed by breaking even potentially
  • Husk Dragon has a base of 10k and gets +5k if you use an Order
  • Playing cards like Navigator that mill cards early on, can help set up for Husk Dragon on grabbing an Order card

These cards aren’t as impactful, but food for thought.

Grief, Despair, and Rejection (GDR) and Zolga:

  • Zolga can allow us to use multiple Order cards if we get the first G3 turn
  • By having Zolga as the Heart, when we Stride, we can use GDR
    • This can help in Aqua Force on a 1st stride turn such as Lambros/Alexandros/Valeos/Genbold
    • The power boost can help Zoo clans too on their turns Gredora/Overwhelm/Tciptckaam/Managarmr/Sandrine/etc.
  • In Granblue, depending on how Persona Ride is ruled, it’s possible to do 2 Persona Rides in one turn with riding and then reriding during the battle phase with Bad Bounty
    • That’s 30k+ to the front RGs with GDR also being played

There are some interesting interactions with both of these cards that it brings to Premium that may be worth considering. We’ll still have to see how Persona Ride is ruled when it comes to Superior Riding.

Final Thoughts

I am super EXCITED to start play testing with these cards in both formats! I’m glad that the artwork we speculated back in this prior article, was in fact Granblue-like! There are so many possibilities with these new cards, specifically Condensation. Even Solemn Vanguard agrees that this card is super good.

What are your guys’ thoughts? What plays are you excited about? I’d love to hear your guys’ feedback! Till next time amigos, see ya!

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