May 28, 2023

Hi amigos, today’s Card Spotlight is a new G2 from the Megumi starter deck. Sylvan Horned Beast, Dooger! Let’s dive into it!

[CONT](RC):If you have four or more other rear-guards, this unit gets [Power]+5000.


  • Becomes a 15k attacker on its own (can hit 13k VGs)
  • It’s CB/SB free
  • With an 8k booster, the column attack becomes 23k (hits a trigger threshold)
  • Synergize’s with the deck’s Winning Image (multi attack that hit 13k+)


  • Requires 4 or more other RGs, so a full field is required just to have the skill active
  • Can be a bit challenging to continue using it against a deck that has removal skills

overDress D Format Impact

A simple yet effective skill! I like it because it synergizes with the skills that the 1st set of reveals showed.

For example, we saw that in the prior article, that both Lattice and Charis benefited more when attacking from the back row. Magnolia will target those units with its skill to give them the ability to attack from the back row and get an additional +5k. Which makes Charis an 18k back row attacker and Lattice a 25k back row attacker with combining their power up skills.

So the question left is, what about the two front row units? Can they hit a 10k/13k base VG on their own?

That’s where I see this card, Dooger, in action! This guy can help with that turn to make it easier on having all of our attacks being able to hit.

Premium Impact

This card is a simple card that has some slight benefits one may consider. Notice that now G2s are 10k base! So in Accel/Protect clans, we can use this card to be a solid ride target early on for the 10k base.

A few of the clans can make some nice threshold numbers pretty easily. For example, cards like Beragios and Crayon Tiger can make some numbers with it.

  • Dooger (15k) + Beragios (13k) = 28k
  • Crayon Tiger’s +4k power up and another +4k from another unit makes Dooger become 23k

We’ll have to see if more of the new reveals can also dictate actually playing this card in Premium. Currently, it may not seem worth it, but remember there’s the possibility.

Artwork Thoughts

I love the artwork on this card! It looks SSSSOOOOOOO majestic ha! I really like blue-ish color it has alongside with the slight glow. And the background is beautiful! The waterfall is such a nice touch!

Final Thoughts

For the new D Format, this card can actually help out! There’s still more G2s in the starter deck yet to see as well! So far, the G2s overall are pretty solid with the deck’s Winning Image in mind.

What are your guys’ thoughts? What new G2 skill could we use?

Till next time amigos! Thanks for reading and see ya!

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