Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue

I have with me here a Cardfighter Spotlight. I had the opportunity to interview the Grandblue player that made 4th place in the Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 AO for the V-Standard format. Sabriye is an acquaintance from a Vanguard Zero group I am in and he was kind enough to accept my offer for anContinue reading “Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue”

Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support

It’s been a good while since we had Granblue support revealed! Let’s get right into it! Let’s start with the duo! Huh? Interesting. Reading the skills we see there’s some type of use with triggers being in the drop zone! Funny enough, for the longest time, Granblue players have felt not so great whenever weContinue reading “Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support”