Shadow Paladins: An Introduction and Guide for the V-Premium Format!

Introduction Hey, you there! Yeah you! Are you looking to get into the game vanguard and don’t know what clan to pick? Maybe you already have a clan but want to try a new one? Or perhaps you simply like edgy knights and/or shadow dragons and want to see what the game has to offer?Continue reading “Shadow Paladins: An Introduction and Guide for the V-Premium Format!”

Interview w/ Nuno Raimundo | BRO 2021 NA Top 8 | Narukami V Premium | #BRO2021

Formatted by Cayce Today we have a Cardfighter Spotlight! I will be having the opportunity to interview the Vanquisher player that accomplished Top 8 in the Bushiroad Rumble Online (BRO) 2021 NA for the V Premium format! His name is Nuno and is from Portugal! Let’s get right into the interview! Jaime: First off, congratulationsContinue reading “Interview w/ Nuno Raimundo | BRO 2021 NA Top 8 | Narukami V Premium | #BRO2021”

Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)

Hello, one and all! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Today we have an interview with Kagze who accomplished Top 8 with Maelstrom! I feel like this is an absolute treat to be able to break down this accomplishment. Let’s get right on with the interview! Interview Evan: Hello Kagze! First and foremost. Congratulations on yourContinue reading “Interview with Kagze – BRO 2021 NA TOP 8 – Aqua Force (Maelstrom) (V)”

Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue

I have with me here a Cardfighter Spotlight. I had the opportunity to interview the Grandblue player that made 4th place in the Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 AO for the V-Standard format. Sabriye is an acquaintance from a Vanguard Zero group I am in and he was kind enough to accept my offer for anContinue reading “Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue”

Eradicator, Vowing Sword Dragon Analysis and Guide

Hello everyone, it’s me again, Ahmes004. Long time fans of Axis(or if by some reason, you are a fan of mine) would remember me for my previous article on Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant (link Here). Today’s article covers the surprising next batch of Eradicators from the latest V Collection, featuring Vowing Sword Dragon. Lore and TriviaContinue reading “Eradicator, Vowing Sword Dragon Analysis and Guide”

Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support

It’s been a good while since we had Granblue support revealed! Let’s get right into it! Let’s start with the duo! Huh? Interesting. Reading the skills we see there’s some type of use with triggers being in the drop zone! Funny enough, for the longest time, Granblue players have felt not so great whenever weContinue reading “Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support”

Shiranui – Striking back from the shadows

Today, we have Zero2Pass to show us the ropes of the newest build of Nubatama , the Shiranui deck. A name many G-era players are sure to remember! – Cipher  It is a great day to be a Nubatama fan!  We have been waiting in the shadows…. and Shiranui has finally made his way intoContinue reading “Shiranui – Striking back from the shadows”

Dragonic Overlord – The Crimson Reaper

An overview about Dragonic Overlord in the V Premium Format with Cipher and Dravoth. “I just seek strength…… and so, I cross the path once again” The bearer of the eternal flame, the crimson reaper, the raging dragon of the apocalypse – it goes by many names. The dragon that stands above all dragons. TheContinue reading “Dragonic Overlord – The Crimson Reaper”

Thavas Lambros Standard (V Premium) Deck Study

Hi amigos! After testing with Thavas Lambros, brainstorming with other players, and seeing the results from some tournaments, it’s time to go in depth some key aspects on building a Thavas Lambros deck for Standard (V Premium). This may be long overdue but better late than never ha! I will cover a little in moreContinue reading “Thavas Lambros Standard (V Premium) Deck Study”