The Sealed Blaze Maiden – D SD06 Deck Introduction

The start of Vanguard’s second season introduces a new team Daybreak and its leader Mirei Minae. The blind lady that leads with her cheerfulness is also Danji’s younger sister. Her fight in Episode 17 shows despite everything, she has the hidden strength and calmness of a Shrine Maiden, fitting considering her avatar.  Order Cards- ArmsContinue reading “The Sealed Blaze Maiden – D SD06 Deck Introduction”

Orfist Deck Guide

Hello Cardfighters one and all. It’s your favorite slav squatting, mecha-loving, card gaming Bosnian. My name is Deckscavate and I recently applied to write for the Rogue of the Seven Seas. The next day I was greeted with a reply from our favorite amigo Commander Jaime. I have for you my deck guide to OrfistContinue reading “Orfist Deck Guide”

Later into the Night with Orfist ( Early DBT03 Deck Profile )

Hello Everyone , Here’s a look at my take of an Early Orfist Deck for the DBT03. The deck aims to be a balanced version of Orfist which can take advantage of the control elements as well as the beatdown strategies present with the Cardinal deck, as opposed to playing fully control or beatdown. KeepingContinue reading “Later into the Night with Orfist ( Early DBT03 Deck Profile )”

A Ghostly Visit During a Joy Ride Drive Check!

Good Morning/Evening everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back at it again writing for Axis Vanguard with another breakdown of cards for my personal favorite ride line in Lyrical Monasterio, Feltyrosa! Besides glossing over the universal starter, we got ourselves an interesting theme building a fearsome board and multi-attacking with these idols onContinue reading “A Ghostly Visit During a Joy Ride Drive Check!”

Lyrical Monasterio: These Catgirls can SING?!

Hello and Good Day/Evening everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock writing once more for Axis as we dive into the latest line of support of catgirls and order cards for the next ride line of Lyrical Monasterio! Breaking this faction down, we see this ride lines focuses on singing songs in the formContinue reading “Lyrical Monasterio: These Catgirls can SING?!”

Hexaorb Deck Study (Keter Sanctuary)

Table of Contents Introduction Introduction Playstyle Deckbuilding Ride Deck Main Deck Sample Decklist Strategy Additional Information History Update By: Cipher Last Set Update: Booster Pack 02: A Brush with the Legends Introduction The successor of those who used to see beyond, Hexaorb Sorceress is the Grade 3 unit of the secondary ride line for KeterContinue reading “Hexaorb Deck Study (Keter Sanctuary)”

Lyrical Monasterio: The Concert Preparations Begin!

By: AlphonZeus Hello and Good Day/Evening! I am The AlphonZeus, reporting again after a long time to talk about the newest nation to join Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress: Lyrical Monasterio! The mermaids are not alone this time, as they are joined by angels, warbeasts, humans, dragroids, and vampires! A thriving place on a giant whale all training to be the bestContinue reading “Lyrical Monasterio: The Concert Preparations Begin!”

When your opponent gives you lemons, you call out Limone. (Deck Study Update & Blog)

By: MachinaBlau Need prisoners to fulfill your decks effects. Aurora Battle Prince, Spark Limone may be your answer. Introduced in Festival Collection 2021, Limone has solved an ongoing issue with any Cosmo Security deck. As a Rear-Guard and when this unit hits, you may choose up to 2 units from the opponent’s Drop Zone andContinue reading “When your opponent gives you lemons, you call out Limone. (Deck Study Update & Blog)”

Zorga Standard Deck Study

Hi amigos! After testing with Zorga, brainstorming with other players, and seeing the results from some tournaments, it’s time to go in depth some key aspects on building a Zorga deck for Standard. I will cover a little in more depth on the cards and ratios as a whole. What’s also unique with Stoicheia, asContinue reading “Zorga Standard Deck Study”

Vairina Deck Profile (Dragon Empire)

Table of Contents Introduction Playstyle Core Cards Other Cards Triggers Sample Decklist Budget Decks Gameplay Strategy Closing Thoughts Update History See Also By: Dravoth Editor: Cipher All Card Art is owned by Bushiroad. Last Set Update: D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats Introduction Let’s address the elephant in the room. The deckContinue reading “Vairina Deck Profile (Dragon Empire)”