A Ghostly Visit During a Joy Ride Drive Check!

Good Morning/Evening everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back at it again writing for Axis Vanguard with another breakdown of cards for my personal favorite ride line in Lyrical Monasterio, Feltyrosa! Besides glossing over the universal starter, we got ourselves an interesting theme building a fearsome board and multi-attacking with these idols onContinue reading “A Ghostly Visit During a Joy Ride Drive Check!”

Lyrical Monasterio: These Catgirls can SING?!

Hello and Good Day/Evening everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock writing once more for Axis as we dive into the latest line of support of catgirls and order cards for the next ride line of Lyrical Monasterio! Breaking this faction down, we see this ride lines focuses on singing songs in the formContinue reading “Lyrical Monasterio: These Catgirls can SING?!”

Lyrical Monasterio: The Concert Preparations Begin!

By: AlphonZeus Hello and Good Day/Evening! I am The AlphonZeus, reporting again after a long time to talk about the newest nation to join Cardfight!! Vanguard OverDress: Lyrical Monasterio! The mermaids are not alone this time, as they are joined by angels, warbeasts, humans, dragroids, and vampires! A thriving place on a giant whale all training to be the bestContinue reading “Lyrical Monasterio: The Concert Preparations Begin!”