The Skyfall Executioner – Youthberk

“The knight disappointed by the heavens, dons its black armor, chooses the destruction of the skies” Welcome to an in depth look at the Skyfall Knight, Youthberk. Featuring some of the edgiest character design Vanguard has seen in a while along with a brand new mechanic, Revoldress, I’m sure this will become a fan favouriteContinue reading “The Skyfall Executioner – Youthberk”

DBT06 Deck Builds – Youthberk

Deck Builds and Ideas Use this as a guide to get you started while trying out and learning the deck. Note that trigger line ups, and the choice to put in Elemental Sanctitude in can be adjusted as you see fit. Aggro Youthberk ( Recommended *) In my opinion, this will probably be the bestContinue reading “DBT06 Deck Builds – Youthberk”

The June 2022 King Slayer Champion Interview – Hollis Zeng

Welcome everyone, today we have something a little different as we are interviewing the Standard Champion for the King Slayer Event this month, Hollis Zeng. Before we get into the interview, lets talk context. The 1K KSC Overdress Tournament was a Standard Format tournament with 86 attendees in total. It was also a single deckContinue reading “The June 2022 King Slayer Champion Interview – Hollis Zeng”

Dynamic Duo Eva & Obscudeid Decklist D-BT05

Fresh from the R&D of Blanc Laboratories is Eva. Eva is a new rideline from Set 05 of standard that uses Research Orders, to activate its effects throughout the game with the deck’s biggest payoffs happening when you set 3 Research orders. It is Brandt Gate’s glitter deck and thus features the Dual Nation card,Continue reading “Dynamic Duo Eva & Obscudeid Decklist D-BT05”

Grave = Zorga – Diving deeper into the abyss

While I’m not usually the type to dive into Granblue. Its spiritual successor, Zorga, is an interesting unit to study, especially since it’s at the forefront of Alchemagic. As part of the Festival Collection, Zorga has also evolved, bringing us a whole new Grade 3 unit, which many claim has completely replaced his original form.Continue reading “Grave = Zorga – Diving deeper into the abyss”

Phantom Blaster is good now?

With DBT05 returns the original final boss trios into the Standard. The trio is some of the most iconic units in Vanguard and many hold special meaning to those who watched the anime or played during the initial years of the game. Amongst them, I’ll be going through the antagonist deck amongst the 3, PhantomContinue reading “Phantom Blaster is good now?”

Post D-BT04 Purelight Deck Study & Lookback

Written by MachinaBlau Edited by Ahmes004 With D-BT04 introducing evolutions to the original five starter deck bosses, Aurora Fierce Princess Seraph Purelight has changed the playstyle of Prison for the better. To understand why, let’s take a look back at the development from D-BT02 to now. If you want to see D-BT01 and D-SS01 decklists,Continue reading “Post D-BT04 Purelight Deck Study & Lookback”


It’s been a while since the release of Advance of Intertwined Stars over in Japan, so let’s take a look at how the ride lines of Keter Sanctuary are holding up in the presence of new challengers in the format since our last update with Set 02. This time we are back with Bastion! Bastion’sContinue reading “SET 03 – BASTION”