Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions

Written by Dravoth Introduction This set is insane. I’ve never been so excited to play Premium and for the future of the format than I am right now! This set contains some much needed reprints of the previous PreColle crit triggers, the first new Strides in two years and the first new G-Guardians premium formatContinue reading “Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions”

Interview w/ Ilja | BRO 2021 EU 2nd Place | Narukami | #BRO2021

Today we have a Cardfighter Spotlight! Both Ahmes and I will be having the opportunity to interview the Narukami player that accomplished 2nd place overall in the Bushiroad Rumble Online (BRO) 2021 EU for the Premium format! His name is Ilja and is from France! Let’s get right into the interview! Interview Jaime: First off,Continue reading “Interview w/ Ilja | BRO 2021 EU 2nd Place | Narukami | #BRO2021”