Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions

Written by Dravoth Introduction This set is insane. I’ve never been so excited to play Premium and for the future of the format than I am right now! This set contains some much needed reprints of the previous PreColle crit triggers, the first new Strides in two years and the first new G-Guardians premium formatContinue reading “Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions”

Bushiroad Rumble Online Recap – Dragonic Overlord “The X” (Premium)

Hello everyone! Cayce here and today I’ll be going over my Bushiroad Rumble Online experience (AO region), what I played, why I played it, and go over my swiss round matchups. To preface, I want to first express my gratitude for being able to participate in this. I didn’t get the chance to participate inContinue reading “Bushiroad Rumble Online Recap – Dragonic Overlord “The X” (Premium)”