Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions

Written by Dravoth Introduction This set is insane. I’ve never been so excited to play Premium and for the future of the format than I am right now! This set contains some much needed reprints of the previous PreColle crit triggers, the first new Strides in two years and the first new G-Guardians premium formatContinue reading “Premium Collection 2022 Early Impressions”

Dynamic Duo Eva & Obscudeid Decklist D-BT05

Fresh from the R&D of Blanc Laboratories is Eva. Eva is a new rideline from Set 05 of standard that uses Research Orders, to activate its effects throughout the game with the deck’s biggest payoffs happening when you set 3 Research orders. It is Brandt Gate’s glitter deck and thus features the Dual Nation card,Continue reading “Dynamic Duo Eva & Obscudeid Decklist D-BT05”


It’s been a while since the release of Advance of Intertwined Stars over in Japan, so let’s take a look at how the ride lines of Keter Sanctuary are holding up in the presence of new challengers in the format since our last update with Set 02. This time we are back with Bastion! Bastion’sContinue reading “SET 03 – BASTION”

Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon And Support!!

Hi amigos, Stoicheia just got their new Ride Line skills revealed! Let’s take some time to discuss it and some aspects moving forward. Let’s dive into it! Skills First let’s do the Ride Line! Oh snap! The Aquaroids are part of the Ride Line! It’s great to see the artwork of these units! The starterContinue reading “Flagship Dragon, Flagburg Dragon And Support!!”

Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support

It’s been a good while since we had Granblue support revealed! Let’s get right into it! Let’s start with the duo! Huh? Interesting. Reading the skills we see there’s some type of use with triggers being in the drop zone! Funny enough, for the longest time, Granblue players have felt not so great whenever weContinue reading “Young Pirate Noble, Pinot Noir And Support”

Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor

Today’s Card Spotlight is our own Over Trigger! We finally get to see what benefits we get when drive checking it. Let’s dive into it! Skills:(You may only have one [Over] trigger in a deck. When revealed as a trigger, remove that card, draw a card, choose one of your units, and it gets [Power]+100 Million until endContinue reading “Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor”

More Stoicheia Reveals!! New Blitz Order!!

Hi amigos, yesterday we got some more reveals! We also got a variety of both skills and artwork, let’s dive into it! Pros Ellenia can revive cards that were used from the Ride deck since they end up in Soul Ellenia helps build a field and give that unit +5k to hit 13k VGs onContinue reading “More Stoicheia Reveals!! New Blitz Order!!”

Card Spotlight : More G3s! Reinforcements from the Sky

Welcome back, today we have 3 new reveals for Keter Sanctuary and in particular, they are all Grade 3s! As such let’s take a look at them and see how they will affect Keter Sanctuary specifically Apex Ruler Bastion! Let us begin with the cards beginning with the new order card, the second behind TheContinue reading “Card Spotlight : More G3s! Reinforcements from the Sky”