Cardinal Envoys Deck Study (Brandt Gate)

Table of Contents Introduction Core Cards Deck Building Decklists Strategy Hand Re-Draw Gameplay Magic Number Guide Weakness Additional Information History Update By: Zero2Pass & MachinaBlau Editor: MachinaBlau Supplementary Graphics By: MachinaBlau All Card Art is owned by Bushiroad. Last Set Update: D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats Introduction     Released in GenesisContinue reading “Cardinal Envoys Deck Study (Brandt Gate)”

Brandt Gate “Cyber” Reveals…

Zero2pass here! Today is the day my Link Joker / Brandt Gate friends! Cardinal Deus, Orfist and the companion Cyberoid units have finally started to be revealed by Bushiroad. Along with this comes the disclosure of a new mechanic for Brandt Gate as well as a new token. The overall artwork is nothing short ofContinue reading “Brandt Gate “Cyber” Reveals…”

Ninja Dragons protect the Dragon Empire

When I first saw that Nubatama, and their kin Murakumo, were going to be absorbed into Dragon Nation my initial thought was that the ninja dragons would be overrun by those of fire and lightning. I figured the dinosaurs would be as well. However, with the spoiling of Convoy Stealth Dragon, Hayashikaze there has appearedContinue reading “Ninja Dragons protect the Dragon Empire”

‘World of Formats’, 10 years in the making…

Zero2pass here!  In May 2020 I put up a YouTube video where I discussed the evolution of the game through the different formats brought to us by Bushiroad.  With the 10th year anniversary of the game we love happening this weekend, now already occurring in Japan, we are going to review these formats as theyContinue reading “‘World of Formats’, 10 years in the making…”

Chaos Breaker Dragon – The Jester

An indepth look with Zero2Pass over the many options that Chaos breaker has in the premium format and how to build it ! – Cipher Introduction The cyber dragon “clown” is back in full force.  No longer confined to just Star-vaders, the door to more possibilities of flexible deck creation and new plays now open.Continue reading “Chaos Breaker Dragon – The Jester”

Shiranui – Striking back from the shadows

Today, we have Zero2Pass to show us the ropes of the newest build of Nubatama , the Shiranui deck. A name many G-era players are sure to remember! – Cipher  It is a great day to be a Nubatama fan!  We have been waiting in the shadows…. and Shiranui has finally made his way intoContinue reading “Shiranui – Striking back from the shadows”