Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue

I have with me here a Cardfighter Spotlight. I had the opportunity to interview the Grandblue player that made 4th place in the Bushiroad Rumble Online 2021 AO for the V-Standard format. Sabriye is an acquaintance from a Vanguard Zero group I am in and he was kind enough to accept my offer for anContinue reading “Interview with Sabriye | BRO 2021 AO V-Standard 4th Place | Granblue”

The Sealed Blaze Maiden – D SD06 Deck Introduction

The start of Vanguard’s second season introduces a new team Daybreak and its leader Mirei Minae. The blind lady that leads with her cheerfulness is also Danji’s younger sister. Her fight in Episode 17 shows despite everything, she has the hidden strength and calmness of a Shrine Maiden, fitting considering her avatar.  Order Cards- ArmsContinue reading “The Sealed Blaze Maiden – D SD06 Deck Introduction”

Sylvan Beast Deck Study (Stoichea)

Table of Contents Introduction Ride Deck Deckbuilding Triggers Sample Decklist Gameplay Strategy Conclusion By: zellious Editor & Additional Decklist : zaee Graphics: Cipher Last Set Update: VG-D-SS01 Festival Collection 2021 Introduction Today this article will introduce the Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia, 1 of the 10 ride lines introduced in the first Booster Set forContinue reading “Sylvan Beast Deck Study (Stoichea)”