The Start of the Axis Vanguard Podcast!

I would like to announce the start of the Axis Vanguard Podcast where we will be discussing and talking about all things Vanguard with overDress coming out. This time, we have Dravoth and I recapping the early weeks of overDress news, and we hope to have these done fortnightly , but we will see howContinue reading “The Start of the Axis Vanguard Podcast!”

Dragonic Vanquisher – The Lightning that strikes twice!

A look at Dragonic Vanquisher in V Premium Written by Cipher and Ahmes004 A fierce general of the dragon empire. Vanquisher rises and leads the troops. The Vanguard this time is Dragonic Vanquisher, the Narukami Vanguard that debuted during the G series.  History  Dragonic Vanquisher first debuted as a RRR in G-BT02 and defined theContinue reading “Dragonic Vanquisher – The Lightning that strikes twice!”