BRO2022 V Premium and Premium Tops – Dave Vecht

Today we have a very special guest , Dave Vecht who has topped multiple events in Premium in the last few months and also V Premium recently for BRO. For this BRO event he made 3 top 8s in Premium and V Premium. Its going to be quite in depth so sit and enjoy! THEContinue reading “BRO2022 V Premium and Premium Tops – Dave Vecht”

The June 2022 King Slayer Champion Interview – Hollis Zeng

Welcome everyone, today we have something a little different as we are interviewing the Standard Champion for the King Slayer Event this month, Hollis Zeng. Before we get into the interview, lets talk context. The 1K KSC Overdress Tournament was a Standard Format tournament with 86 attendees in total. It was also a single deckContinue reading “The June 2022 King Slayer Champion Interview – Hollis Zeng”

Shadow Paladins: An Introduction and Guide for the V-Premium Format!

Introduction Hey, you there! Yeah you! Are you looking to get into the game vanguard and don’t know what clan to pick? Maybe you already have a clan but want to try a new one? Or perhaps you simply like edgy knights and/or shadow dragons and want to see what the game has to offer?Continue reading “Shadow Paladins: An Introduction and Guide for the V-Premium Format!”

Grave = Zorga – Diving deeper into the abyss

While I’m not usually the type to dive into Granblue. Its spiritual successor, Zorga, is an interesting unit to study, especially since it’s at the forefront of Alchemagic. As part of the Festival Collection, Zorga has also evolved, bringing us a whole new Grade 3 unit, which many claim has completely replaced his original form.Continue reading “Grave = Zorga – Diving deeper into the abyss”

Phantom Blaster is good now?

With DBT05 returns the original final boss trios into the Standard. The trio is some of the most iconic units in Vanguard and many hold special meaning to those who watched the anime or played during the initial years of the game. Amongst them, I’ll be going through the antagonist deck amongst the 3, PhantomContinue reading “Phantom Blaster is good now?”

Rorowa – An intro to Plant Tokens in D and more

It’s certainly been a while everyone. With D-BT05 right around the corner , it is easy to overlook some of the new ride lines with their lack of representation , while also being overshadowed by the Big Three returning to the format. Before we cover those inevitably. Today I want to highlight the new StoicheaContinue reading “Rorowa – An intro to Plant Tokens in D and more”