First Stoicheia Reveals!! Magnolia, Lattice, and Charis!!

Hi amigos, today is an exciting day and we finally get to see the main ride cards from the Megumi starter deck! Let’s dive into it! The New Cards First, let’s start with both the G1 and G2! Pros Charis can +1 on field or +1 in Soul These are two useful resources to useContinue reading “First Stoicheia Reveals!! Magnolia, Lattice, and Charis!!”

Megumi Okura Starter Deck List Revealed!!

Hi amigos, these past few days Bushiroad has revealed the deck lists of all of the starter decks! Only the names are shown and we’ll be seeing the skills as they keeping revealing news. Let’s take some time in this article to point out some interesting things that can help us speculate for the future!Continue reading “Megumi Okura Starter Deck List Revealed!!”

Thavas Lambros Standard (V Premium) Deck Study

Hi amigos! After testing with Thavas Lambros, brainstorming with other players, and seeing the results from some tournaments, it’s time to go in depth some key aspects on building a Thavas Lambros deck for Standard (V Premium). This may be long overdue but better late than never ha! I will cover a little in moreContinue reading “Thavas Lambros Standard (V Premium) Deck Study”