Dynamic Duo Eva & Obscudeid Decklist D-BT05

Fresh from the R&D of Blanc Laboratories is Eva.

Eva is a new rideline from Set 05 of standard that uses Research Orders, to activate its effects throughout the game with the deck’s biggest payoffs happening when you set 3 Research orders. It is Brandt Gate’s glitter deck and thus features the Dual Nation card, Obscudeid as a key part of its strategy.

The deck has very simple skills that vary all over with the highlight being Eva alongside Obscudeid.

Research Order


Currently, there is only 1 Research Card, which is the Grade 2, Experiment Successful! Set Order. When put in the Order Zone, draw 1 and discard 1. If there are 3 or more Research Cards, you can soul blast 1 to bind 1 opponent’s rear-guards. Binding an opponents rear-guard may be super powerful such as targeting an overDress state unit, in which all cards the overDress card and the originalDress must all go to the same zone. It also comes up during match ups where the drop zone can be accessed as a bind effectively locks the card out of the game for most decks.

It’s here that Eva’s ride line should be highlighted as both the G1 and G2 can search the whole deck as they progress through the rideline for any Research Orders. Keeping the deck relatively consistent despite there only being 4 targets, especially with all the hand filtering skills that Experiment Successful! gives.

The Dynamic Duo

Getting to the main focus of the deck is Fountain of Knowledge , Eva.

Eva can search the top deck equal to the number of Research cards that are in the Order Zone to add 1 amongst those to the hand and give itself 5000 power for the turn. While a relatively simple skill, this skill is very useful at securing key pieces to your hand to make a play like Persona Rides more consistently or take Sentinels for defense. While it may not seem that impressive at a first glance, in the context of Standard, it stands out as typically the vanguard is not the unit that does these things. Of course that isn’t all it does.

Eva has a second skill. When she attacks, she can superior call 1 Obscudeid from the deck or hand for an additional attack, giving the deck as a whole access to 4 attacks a turn from as early and Turn 3 and no real minuses from your hand. Still to understand further we have to look at its partner unit.

Obscudeid makes the second part of this duology deck about to be a 18000 or 23000 beater depending on the amount of Set Orders. Allowing it to scale in strength as the game goes by. In addition, this unit can also gain +1 critical on the turn called and there are 3 or more Research Cards.

While being your main attacker, Obscudeid also doubles as your main defensive unit as well gaining intercept and 10000 shield, making it a flexible unit you definitely want to always call , and some games are decided by how many of it sees play.

There are limitations with the current cardpool however, as it is only possible to get 3 Set Orders on Turn 4 or later as the Experiment Successful is a Grade 2 and thus can only be played from Turn 2 onwards.

Supporting Cards

Included in D-BT05 are helpers such as Aiding Monster, Techtien and Obliging Monster, Secondel.

Techtien when discarded can search the top 5 for any Set Order. This allows some tech in options like World Orders which can be used as a back up plan if we don’t see the 3rd Research Order.

Secondel helps retrieve Obscudeid from drop and send it back to the main deck for another round of superior calls by Eva.

Other helpful cards out from other sets such as Fighting Dragon, Goldog Dragon can be used when discarded to superior call itself back out on to the field to play of the discards for the ride deck or the research order.

Counterchargers such as Bobalmine or Megagrago, are also important to ensure that Eva’s skills can be used as often as possible.

Other Set Orders

It is possible to play some of Brandt Gate’s generic Set Orders if you wish, such as Refabilshment Dock, which draws a card on play and grants all your G2 boost, or Eclisped Moonlight, which makes a Shadow Army token. Although they aren’t research orders, they can still provide some consistency to the deck’s attack power by giving booster cards as well as enhancing the Obscudeid condition, while also adding to its overall attack power.

Refablishment Dock
Eclipsed Moonlight


Using Obscudeid, the deck attacks four times each turn while at the same time preparing Research Orders to make Obscudeid stronger to hit numbers like 28000 or higher to grind out their defenses. The role of Eva is, therefore, to facilitate this process by finding high-value cards such as Persona Rides and Sentinels as well as maintaining the gameplan as a whole. For you to win, you will need a combination of brains and brawn

That said, Eva’s skill is relatively straightforward and generic and it can be played as you see fit as long as you consider its own conditions.

Sample Deck List

Ride Line (4):

  • One Who Craves Knowledge Eva
  • An Afternoon Nap Regardless of Place, Eva
  • Smooth Research Progress, Eva
  • Fountain of Knowledge, Eva

Grade 3 (7):
3 Fountain of Knowledge, Eva
4 Knight of Blackness, Obscudeid

Grade 2 (12):
4 Aiding Monster, Techtan
2 Fighting Dragon, Goldog Dragon
4 Experiment Successful! (Set Order)
2 Eclipsed Moonlight (Set Order)

Grade 1 (11):
4 Violate Dragon (Sentinel)
3 Obiging Monster Secondel
4 Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine

4 Patrol Robo, Dekarcop (Critical)
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Lourus Yellow (Critical)
3 Ameliorate Connector (Draw)
1 Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath (Over)
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Treuse Green (Heal)

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