Orfist Deck Guide

Hello Cardfighters one and all. It’s your favorite slav squatting, mecha-loving, card gaming Bosnian. My name is Deckscavate and I recently applied to write for the Rogue of the Seven Seas. The next day I was greeted with a reply from our favorite amigo Commander Jaime.

I have for you my deck guide to Orfist from the overDress format. Since it’s Brandt Gate related, this will be on Axis Vanguard’s site instead. We have been blessed with amazing support for the past 2 sets, and set 3 is improving upon the winning image with more powerful units and orders.

Who is Orfist and the Cardinal Army?

Orfist has been and continues to be a powerful pick in the overDress metagame with a ride line that tutors any “World” order, has the option for a powerful turn 2 push, and a turn 3 that continues the momentum that the ride line has built with their powerful army.

The ride deck consists of “Cardinal Fang, Phovi” the starting vanguard that all overDress decks use.

“Cardinal Noid, Routis” is the next in line. When placed on Vanguard he tutors any “World” set order ensuring that you start the process of entering the “Abyssal Dark Night” state. With many powerful “Worlds” available in the Orfist deck being able to tutor any 1 out is extremely powerful.

The grade 2 of the ride line is “Cardinal Noid, Cubisia” with amazing stats on the rear guard, but on Vanguard when you play a “World” order he can apply a +5,000 boost to any unit. This is easily set up by Routis to guarantee his skill goes off.

Finally, we come to the ace unit of the deck. “Cardinal Deus, Orfist” is the culmination of the set up the grade 1 and 2 provide. While in the “Abyssal Dark Night” state Orfist on both vanguard and rear guard in an 18,000 beater, but also unlocks his ultimate ability. That ability is to summon the main mechanic of the deck “Shadow Army Token(s).”

“Shadow Army Token(s)” are grade 1 units with boost and a whopping 15,000 power. Easily able to make Magic numbers with just about any unit on turn 2 and 3. They are also a resource ofr some of the most powerful support units Orfist has received in set 2.

From Beatdown to control. How Orfist evolved from BT01 to BT02.

Set 2 “A Brush with the Legends” introduced amazing control support that utilizes the tokens you summon to control the opponent’s board with units like the RRR “Cardinal Draco, Alviderd” and “Cardinal Fang, Estrett.”

“Cardinal Draco, Alviderd” is a grade 2 unit who grows more powerful as the “Abyssal Dark Night” state is achieved and the skill to sacrifice the tokens you produce to target opponents rear guards and retire them.

“Cardinal Fang, Estrett” is another unit that helps control the opponent’s board, but through your opponent having to make the decision on who goes. The skill also activates on both players’ end steps. This unit has seen a consistent place in many Orfist decks.

Set 2 would also give Orfist 2 powerful grade 1’s that help clear your board and recover resources. “Cardinal Noid, Thumborino” can make the token it boosts gain an additional +15,000 power and remove both herself and the token to draw you a card. “Cardinal Noid, Ekolpa” can remove a token unit to counter charge 1 helping Orfist always have the ability to get 3 tokens.

What the Future Brings

“Advance of Intertwined Stars” which releases on December 10th, 2021 will give the deck a huge power boost. A new grade one that searches out orders from the top 3, and can replace himself with a “Shadow Army Token”, a grade 2 that gives Orfist the 4th attack it has been searching for, and a new “World” that makes the tokens you call gain +5,000 power for each copy when you call it.

All three cards are going to make an impact on the deck and push it even further beyond its limits from the last 2 sets. With all of Blackout receiving a new form to their ace units it is only a matter of time until Orfist reaches his new pinnacle form.

There are Highs, but there are Lows

Orfist is a very consistent deck that can make powerful columns, maintain a good defensive hand, and consistently build a board. The deck is not without its flaws though.

A skilled player can and will attempt to control the Orfist player’s damage and field. The skill requiring 2 counter blast to create 3 tokens is powerful, but if you don’t have a way to recover the resources spent the deck can slow down dramatically. Also having to take damage at times can push you against the wall in certain situations just to have the resources to make a counterattack.

Another problem currently is that even though you are able to create many tokens a good control deck can hurt you. With units like “Diabolos Jetbacker, Lennard” and the many units in the “Prison” deck able to remove multiple units having to recoup your field can become harder to do every turn.

Lastly, the deck does seem to have a harder time finishing games if they get to the late game. The 3 attacks may be large, but a veteran player will more than likely be prepared for the onslaught. With other decks gaining multi-attack options Orfist is having his defenses pushed.

Deck List and Closing Statements

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has made this post possible. I am excited to improve on my posts and hope the community enjoys the work I put into this post.

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