Lyrical Monasterio: An Angelic Voice with Duality!

Hello and Good Day/Evening Everyone, I am The AlphonZeus of Team Gradelock back again writing for Axis as I get my reactions as to the recently released archetypes over the past COTDs for Lyrical Monasterio! This article will focus on the Angels that have joined this nation, including their ride line and support! Let’s get started!

The ride line starts out with the basic starter Monochromic Personality, Alestiel and that’s as basic as the deck starts out. This ride line is looking to take advantage of bind zones and what grades those cards are to unlock White Wings and Black Wings skills!

The Grade 1 of the ride line, Indecisive Sky, Alestiel, binds the top card of the deck and gains an additional skill depending if it has an odd-numbered grade (White Wings) or an even-numbered grade (Black Wings). White Wings gets to access the ride deck for your Grade 2 by soul blasting 1 instead of discarding 1 card which is great for maintaining your hand size. However, the Black Wings skill prevents any of your opponents’ Grade 1 or less rear guards from attacking her! Either skill is great to have going first as you shut down either a grade 1 rush turn or get to save a card in hand when accessing the ride deck! Alas, without a rear-guard skill, there’s no need to run her outside of the ride deck, which saves us some space for some of the other cards!

The Grade 2 of the ride line, Shining As-is, Alestiel, takes whatever card that you put to the bottom of the deck, and binds a brand new card from the top of the deck! This potentially introduces some variation switching back and forth from Black Wings to White Wings and vice versa. However, it should not be surprising to stick to one of the two wings the entire fight. For White Wings, you can counterblast 1 to gain +1 critical, while Black Wings prevents your opponent from calling trigger units from hand to the guardian circle. Similar to the Grade 1, this also only takes place on Vanguard circle, opening up even more units to run in your Grade 2 lineup. Dealing with either an extra critical or no triggers to guard its battle can catch your opponent off guard. You would have to do some short-term memory recall to see if your opponent has mostly triggers or if it’s worth it to force a built-in critical for one counterblast. It is unfortunate that the wings can play right into your opponent’s hand, but let’s say this is not the only way to manipulate which wings are active!

The final ride line leading up to her grand debut is Archangel of Twin Wings, Alestiel! Following the trend, her skills are only on Vanguard, but both these skills establish a big tempo that your opponent must follow! At the beginning of main phase, you can add a card to hand from the bind zone, and if you do, you bind the top card of the deck! Both Wings are active on your turn only, White Wings grant her an extra +5k and +1 critical while Black Wings give your opponent’s units -5k! Both of these skills will depend on your matchups. White Wings seem better when your opponent is low on cards in hand to draw out the sentinels or eat damage. Black Wings are better utilized for hitting easier magic numbers with your units. It seems like these angelic units praise the bind zone RNG, but there are other ways to get the best color ready for your turn! Let’s introduce the other Angels revealed so far!

Starting off for the White Wings Angels, we have Cloudless Heart, Miael, where on RG placement, you can CB1/SB1 to get an 8k power unit back to hand! This isn’t just restricted by grades, which gives a bit of a hint to other cards to obtain later on in the game! Given she is 7k power, we cannot fetch herself from drop zone, but she does offer a reasonable cost to salvage cards we need back to hand!

Next up, we have Rainbow Bright Wings, Elimuel, which activates on RG placement and requires your opponent to be on Grade 3 to give a rear guard +5k and +1 critical for every three odd-grade units. Thus, you would need a full board (ideally your Vanguard and two Grade 3 rear guards in the front row and two other Grade 1 boosters with Elimuel) to give each of your two rear guard front row units 2 damage each to swing with along with Alestiel’s built-in critical! This is an excellent end-game option, but watch out for those nations/builds that manipulate your board to prevent you from achieving this deadly victory strategy!

Continuing on the White Wings strategy, we got Brainy Prayer, Bibuel, an 8k Grade 3 (fetchable from drop with Miael) that for retiring her and SB1 you draw 1 card and choose a trigger unit in the bind zone and it gets +1 grade till end of turn. Her White Wings skill is that she gains a permanent +5k power and +5k shield boost! She seems like a decent guard power at White Wings with an engine to help draw cards and manipulate the grade power of the bind zone, but she is limited to only triggers in the bind zone and pushes a certain deck build that runs mostly 1s and 3s. The synergy is evident, but it will take some playtesting to see how well she truly runs!

Now, starting off with our Black Wings support, the Grade 2s! First up is Advent Stroke, Schedael. Another 8k powered unit fetchable with Miael, this angel has an ACT skill that for CB1 and soulcharging herself, you draw 1 card and choose a card in the bind zone to get +1 grade until end of turn. Her Black Wings skill gives her the defensive skill to not be chosen by your opponent’s effects (a la Resist) as well as rear guards cannot swing into her! After what we’ve seen so far, Black Wings seem more on the defensive side with good skills to keep themselves on the field!

The next Black Wings card is Flying Away, Cheluel. She is a 10k powered unit that has a Black Wings auto skill: on her rear-guard swing, you CB1 to Soulcharge 1 and stun your opponent’s rear guard where they cannot stand during the next stand phase! It’s intriguing to see Lyrical get Megacolony-esque support to take care of opponent’s rear guards and also generating valuable soul to use for plenty of the soulblasting costs in this archetype.

Finally, rounding out the Angels archetype, we got Staring at Love, Tirsuel. She also has a Black Wings exclusive skill where on placement in the Guardian Circle, she can rest one of our opponent’s back-row rear guard circles. This creates some pesky plays to knock down our opponent’s attacking units’ power to assist our guarding. Whether from hand or intercepting, this angel will seek to mess up our opponent during their own battle step. This is a card to look out for as a spicy tech!

After analyzing all of these angels, I think you can either stick with all the angels to allow for safer manipulation of what Wings you want active during your turn, or can go for more exclusivity with either Black Wings or White Wings. This archetype is definitely exploring its creative side with a variety of skills and will keep your opponent on their toes to keep asking which color will they be dealing with. That is all for this edition diving into the Angels archetype in Lyrical Monasterio so far, hope you take care, and keep Cardfighting onwards!


EDIT: Breaking/Somewhat Breaking News! This new Angel support is amazing!

Looks we can have our cake and eat it too as they say! Downpouring Singer, Elkiel has a great synergy strategy between White Wings and Black Wings! When the Vanguard is placed, if Elkiel is on rear guard, she gets bound and you draw 1 card. This draw helps replace her on the field, but when she gets bound, White Wings and Black Wings are both active for the rest of your turn and your opponent’s next turn! This strategy turns online for Turn 4 onwards, but be careful about getting even-grade cards in the bound zone as White Wings require exclusive odd-numbered grades in the bound zone and Black Wings require exclusive even-numbered grades in the bound zone. So prep up another Elkiel to ensure you can enjoy all the wings the entire Cardfight!

Finally, we got Overcoming it Face to Face, a Grade 0 Blitz Order that you can only play if you’re playing Archangel of Twin Wings, Alestiel! When placed, you can give a +5k boost to the attacked unit for every odd-numbered grade rear guards! Then, whenever cards would be retired from the field or guardian circle, you can soul charge them instead! This helps open up defensive plays for the angels, although you want to make sure you have odd-numbered grade rear-guards to meet the White Wings-esque condition. However, you also keep the Black-Wings esque side by soul charging the rest of your guard power and if your rear-guards get retired during your opponent’s turn!

That’s it for the edits folks, cheers on!

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