DBT02 Keter Sanctuary Deck Introductions

Good day everyone, today I would like to present you some of the different styles I have been working on over the month since the full release of Set 02 in the Japanese format. If you are looking for a starting place to start your deck building for Set 02, this is the place.

Apex Ruler, Bastion

Bastion after Set 02 can be played in a few different ways with the main 2 deck types being either the Beatdown Variant which is a direct “successor” to the common Set 01 builds and mostly features a high Grade 3 count and the new order card “Form Up, O Chosen Knights”.

“Form Up, O Chosen Knights” is a powerful order card that can draw, give power, and even an extra drive to power up your formations. It plays of Bastion’s already existing strengths and focuses on overwhelming the opponent with consistent column and power. Definitely a viable way to play the deck is arguably the most popular and conventional.

The other style is the “Persona” Variant, which uses the 2 main Grade 3 units that Bastion has gotten in its higher rarity slots, Refuerzos and Prideful Dragon which have powerful abilities when you Persona Ride, the former being able to boost and re-stand in the back row and the latter being a potential 2 critical rearguard. This gives Bastion the opportunity to play a lot “safer” and even adds a comeback factor to the deck as opposed to the Beatdown Variant.

It is somewhat slower than the Beatdown version as its full power turns are locked behind Persona Ride Turns, but what it makes up for speed is it has brought in more kill power and stability.

That said both variants are not mutually exclusive so it is possible to try elements of both strategies in a deck, do try both variants, and see which you prefer, after all it is still somewhat common to see some people run Downswing Sword of Judgement is some builds , a card mainly featured in Bastion Control a Set ago , but still remains as a strong counter to rearguard based decks including mirror matches.

Regarding its place in the metagame, Bastion still remains amongst the strongest decks in the game as its consistency and ease to play makes it a strong pick for tournaments.

Key Cards to Pick Up

Hexaorb Sorceress

The Keter ride line is DBT01 and was an overlooked deck for the most part due to its lack of support. With this set, the deck has got 2 new key cards in the form of Exquisite Knight, Olwein, and Diaglass Sorceress. Both cards help the player manipulate the top of the deck more often and make Hexaorb’s trigger-based playstyle more consistent, opening up more deck-building possibilities for the archetype.

Below are two, the first being more traditional to the deck’s Oracle Think Tank Roots and focuses on using the new cards to help the deck play a stable and strong game.

The second is something a little different and uses the order card we mentioned before alongside Hexaorb to create explosive turns as early as turn 3. A really unique direction for the deck which I feel has potential in the future if we get more Grade 3s that work well with Hexaorb

In my opinion while , Bastion is still generally seen as the best Keter deck right now , Hexaorb has indeed been catching up and I can see it be on even footing as it eventually with more support.

Key Cards to Pick Up

Phantom Blaster Dragon

The knights of Shadow Paladin have returned. The Blaster series has returned as the first 2 encounter decks of the game alongside Dragonic Overlord. The deck has certainly stayed to its roots from the early days and features elements from its original and V iterations.

At the moment the deck is strongest as an aggro deck to take advantage of the rush potential of the archetype based support like Blaster Javelin and Macha and even has elements of control which give it some strong matchups against rearguard based decks but it also struggles in sustaining its own cost at times making it a polarizing deck with only Set 02 support, even with its Charon and Brunner , so its best to use Phantom Blaster skills more reactionally.

Still, the deck is decent at what it does and is something long times of the clan, myself included can appreciate and be sure to check this profile as I do get quite in depth about lines up plays and deck building options here, be sure to pick this ride line up if you want a different playstyle in Keter.


A Brush with the Legends certainly has added new options for Keter Sanctuary players to experiment around with that can be deceivably strong especially if you look at them at face value. Many cards of this set are designed to play of one another and in my opinion its where the nation’s strengths really shines!

With that happy deck building! – Cipher

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