When your opponent gives you lemons, you call out Limone. (Deck Study Update & Blog)

By: MachinaBlau

Need prisoners to fulfill your decks effects. Aurora Battle Prince, Spark Limone may be your answer.

Introduced in Festival Collection 2021, Limone has solved an ongoing issue with any Cosmo Security deck.

As a Rear-Guard and when this unit hits, you may choose up to 2 units from the opponent’s Drop Zone and put them into your custody and allowing for more prisoners without choosing them from field only. A majority of opponents would counter-play prison by limiting the amount of units on field to imprison till the time is right, but with Limone, she adds the pressure of more imprisonment.

In the example above shows ideal columns rushing the opponent down for drop zone imprison columns. The left column is ideal for when the opponent is at Grade 2 or attacking a 10000 power unit meaning the opponent must guard for 15000 or more. The right column is more for when the opponent is at Grade 1 guarding for the same 15000 or more, but you can use the left column setup for the same guarding numbers. Both columns are the same when it comes to attacking a base Grade 3 or 13000 unit forcing a 10000 guard.

Although her effects are useful, there are downsides to playing this.

By detaining from the opponent’s drop, your opponent can now retrieve those that were discarded from prison. However, this does mean that there are more possible targets to imprison later if the opponent has freed them.

This effect does not work if the opponent’s drop zone only has Order Cards and giving no cards to imprison.

Another aspect is that Limone must hit in order to get her effect off and she does not gain power by herself making it a preventable effect for the opponent.

Lastly at the current state of the Prison deck, the deck can only perform at maximum 3 attacks meaning if you had to rely on the effect to put in Prison, you may be sacrificing overall finish potential.

Overall, Aurora Battle Princess, Spark Limone tries to solve the issue with playing Prison by giving an alternative way to take opponent’s units into custody. However, the solution is not without its own issues.


The decklist above was used for the Cardfight Con overDress’d Invitational 2021, which was an exclusive Double Elimination Tournament consisting of available known Content Creators. Out of 16 content creators entered, this deck placed 5th/6th overall in the following match ups:

Round 1: VS Living Proof (Bruce) – Lose

This was a very close matchup as each side was grinded down to their last plays. Living Proof won the match with a final drive check Critical giving the win.

Round 2: VS Atlas from Nexus at Night (Bruce) – Win

Another Bruce match-up turned into a grind down match, however, this one was more toward my favor at the end giving me the win.

Round 3: VS OuterOrange (Zorga) – Win

This match-up was a little too unfair as Prison can naturally force even more cost on to a Zorga player as the majority of calling out more units is with via cost. Order cards for OuterOrange did not show up in time, which won the game.

Round 4: VS DifferentFight (Orfist) – Win

This was the one of the more interesting match-ups not because of how it was played, but what transpired for the win condition. In this match, I went with rushing down with Limone on Grade 2 and in a miraculous turn pulled the Over Trigger breaking through the shield and making the remaining Limone column strong enough to warrant another guard.
Fast Forwarding to the 2nd Grade 3 turn, I field wiped a majority of shadow tokens and 1 Useful Recharger. The only remaining rear-guard is a lone Shadow Token. DifferentFight had used 3 Counter-Blast used with 1 remaining. The columns created for my field were a 23000 column hitting the magic numbers while the other column was 15000. I start the battle phase with the Vanguard swinging, however this was guarded with a Sentinel as any critical trigger would go for knockout. I did pull a Critical giving it to the 23000 column making a 33000 column with 2 critical. The 15000 column was used first to swing at the Shadow Token for both removal and baiting out another guard to reduce the chance of guarding the other column. Going for the knockout with the 33000 power / Critical 2 column, this created a difficult situation as if DifferentFight was able to guard it he would unfortunately will not be able to create anymore Shadow Token during his next turn locking him in. He takes the hit and no Heal or Over Triggers were revealed giving me the win.

Round 5: VS Winning Image (Magnolia) – Lose

This was more of an unfortunate loss as everything went wrong in this match-up. Going second does increase a Magnolia chances of winning as Magnolia can go offensively. Starting hand had the Prison card meaning there would be net zero in hand for riding into Kyanite. Winning Image went for an aggressive Grade 2 rush with not being able to defend nor getting any triggers giving me 3 damage. Grade 2 turn had an offensive Over Trigger giving some damage.

By start of Winning Image second Grade 3 turn, a full offensive with a Persona Ride was the final straw as guarding was a little too much for me to handle. Knocking me out of the potential top 4.


The tournament was pretty fun and interesting with all the logistics and statistics that were going on. With 5 out 16 being Stoicheia, playing Prison had a decent chance of winning the tournament as Stoicheia would have to deal with additional costs to inaddition to their own effects. Bruce would be a grind down match up and Nirvana cannot perform overDress. The most troubling match-ups would be Bastion as majority will just sit on Fosado preventing any imprisonment, Baromagnes with field wipe, and Orfist giving no units that will actually be imprisoned.

Thank you to the Cardfight Con staff for giving me the opportunity to meet and play in this one of a kind tournament and hope to be able to participate again.

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