Card Spotlight : More G3s! Reinforcements from the Sky

Welcome back, today we have 3 new reveals for Keter Sanctuary and in particular, they are all Grade 3s! As such let’s take a look at them and see how they will affect Keter Sanctuary specifically Apex Ruler Bastion!

Let us begin with the cards beginning with the new order card, the second behind The Hour of Holy Judgement, Cometh from the Start Deck. 

 Swinging down the Sword of Judgement

[COST SB1 G3] to play this card! Choose one of your opponent’s rearguards. Your opponent puts all of his or her rearguards in the same column as that rearguard to the bottom of their deck in any order.

The first dedicated removal card that Keter has access to. By Soul Blasting a g3 unit, you can return up to return all rearguards in a column back to the deck. Generally, it will only be only active on your turn 4 unless you do use Knight of Broad Axe, Rafluke during the same turn. 

Effectively it is an on-demand removal skill. Which can remove any troublesome rearguard regardless of its position also similar to how cards like Root Flare Dragon used to work, if a rearguard has a resist-like clause like Trickstar, you could choose the rearguard without the skill and get around it, sending both units back. Do note that as an order card, this will generally be a 1 for 1 trade-in terms of card advantage unless you send 2 back so do try to aim for this unless you need to remove a specific unit asap. At the moment the only thing that comes to mind is Overdress units.

Generally, it doesn’t quite fit in with the core strategy of Apex Ruler which would rather focus on the beatdown. Still, a useful card to have that Keter now has access to if required and is likely to see more use in a slower-paced tempo deck. 

Dark Strain Dragon

ACT](RC): If you have three or more grade 3 units, COST [Soul Blast (2)], and all of your grade 3 units get “Boost until the end of turn.

A very flexible Grade 3 that I feel will see some use is Bastion focused strategies, as a Grade 3, it can still function as an attacker when needed but also has added utility with its ACT skill, for Soul Blast 2, which is understandably kind of heavy at a first look, all Grade 3 units on your field gain boost for the turn. With this and Bastion, this allows you to form easy 30k Columns without any other skills and it will continue to scale throughout the game, with persona ride and Rafluke which is looking to be even more key as more reveals go by! 

Lastly, let’s cover the highlight for this time which is Heavenly Sword of Gorgeousness, Alden

Heavenly Sword of Gorgeousness, Alden

AUTO]: When this unit is placed on (RC), COST [Counter Blast (2) & Soul Blast (1)], choose a card from your hand and call it to (RC). If you called a grade 3, draw two cards.

[AUTO](RC): When this unit attacks, if you have three or more grade 3 units, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until the end of turn.

When placed on the RG circle, you can pay a cost of counterblast 2 and sou blast 1 to call any card from your hand to a rearguard circle. Then if you call a G3, you draw 2 cards. From this skill alone the first point of comparison is of course The Hour of Holy Judgement, Cometh, which has a very similar skill to this card albeit with some key differences. 

The first is of course Cometh is an order card while Alden is a unit card, which can be relevant when you need more attackers to refill your board against removal, or simply for your first turn plays. 

The next is the requirements to meet the 2 draws. With Bastion-focused decks, a common strategy you usually end up doing is doing a hard redraw for g3s to take full advantage of Fort and Rooks ride deck skills. With this in mind, meeting Alden’s skill will not be hard earlier into the game as you will usually have a G3 in hand to activate its skill.

Realistically later into the game when you’re running lower on cards you might not always be able to use this skill, if it’s your only G3 unit in your hand which can be a problem when you fight other aggressive decks and are forced to defend with more cards In comparison Cometh doesn’t have any condition besides being a grade 3 order and CB2 and can give any unit +5000 power, and will be consistently able to activate even if its the only card you have so as long as you can pay the cost. 

( In a pinch you can even “call” an G3 order to draw 2 as well , but the order will be send to the drop zone immediately after)

Next, let’s compare the card advantage. With Cometh, like all normal order cards it has an inherent cost of discarding itself, meaning the overall card advantage will be a +1, Aldin on the other hand for an additional soul blast 1, and the requirement of having another card, you technically will always +2! As the cards you call will stay on your board as opposed to going into the drop zone like with an order card. Still, both skills have their own merits so do consider both of these skills, when deck building. As of the moment, I feel Cometh still has some merit! 

Alden however does not only shine as a draw engine, but it also functions as currently the best G3 attacker for the nation, similarly to Rooks when you control 3 G3 units it unlocks an additional skill, with the case of Alden, it gains 5000 until the end of the turn when it attacks. Being effectively costless is very much welcomed as it helps the deck hit even better numbers without doing anything it wouldn’t have done otherwise! This skill is also not restricted once a turn meaning if this card can attack multiple times the power gain will stack

Let’s take a look at some magic numbers that can be easily formed with all the cards so far

# With Persona Ride and cards like Rafluke, these numbers will all of course go up a stage 

Go to numbers

  • 13+5 ( Alden) + 2 ( Bastions Passive = 20k 
  • 13+5 ( Alden) + 8 ( A G1 Booster ) + 2 ( Bastions Passive) = 28k 
  • 13+5 ( Alden) + 15 ( Rooks / Dark Strain with Bastion’s Passive ) + 2 ( Bastions Passive) = 35k 

A lot of these numbers easily hit beyond 28k which will always demand at least 2 cards from your opponent with what we have seen so far!

Restand with Bastion

  • 13+5( Alden Base) + 2 ( Bastions Passive) + 10 ( Bastion’s Skill) + 5 ( Alden’s skill again) = 35k

Both these skills separately are already very useful and help to push the deck further. The fact that they’re both on one card makes me very confident when saying Alden will be staying as a staple for a Bastion-focused deck for a long time. Even as a generic card it is a decent beater as well. 

Apex Ruler, Bastion is looking to shaping up well with these reveals as the units here definitely reinforce the deck’s beatdown strategy. As for Hexaorb Sorceress, I feel we should wait a while longer before we look at that more in detail as I’m sure there will be more to it as a deck than just what we know so let’s wait and see!

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