Roselia, first introduced in 2017 as the 2nd live band for the Bang Dream project, was better known as 3D Roselia, where the live band members generally perform in character as opposed to being themselves. The fanbase is one of the biggest, being fans of either the characters, songs or seiyuu counterpart. 

In the Bang Dream franchise, Roselia aims for the Future World Fes, a top venue bands strive to perform in, with each member having their own reason for standing on that stage. Hence most activities they do generally helps them with practice or making themselves known to stand on the stage of their dreams.

Card Introduction

Music Order Cards

Order cards is the newest mechanic in Vanguard. Order cards can only be played once every turn and for Bang Dream, these (music) Order cards will be placed on the rearguard circle behind the Vanguard Circle and moved into the drop zone at the end of the turn. These Order cards have grades, which can only be played if the Vanguard is of the same grade or above.

It may seem weird to introduce the orders first for this band, but in Roselia, FIRE BIRD is the key order card the deck focuses on. Hence I will be introducing the orders first

Bang Dream Season 2 Ep13 Insert Song

One of Roselia’s songs best heard live, and the skill of this Music embodies it. Rise from the ashes once again as the Grade 3 Vanguard Yukina can restand and attack again. Really simple, but as a restanding Vanguard that swings again it can never be underestimated. This can be as early as the first Grade 3 ride, as long as the Soulblast 4 cost can be paid, which makes it real threatening, especially with Force II. This pairs well with Blue Rose Diva Yukina, where both attacks get power from her own skill.

Bang Dream Season 2 Opening #2

This card is quite unique, being a retire and card draw if a Roselia attack did not hit that turn. It forces the opponent to choose to either take all attacks that turn or give you the advantage. However, this order could be useless as the opponent may not call any units at all early game, and FIRE BIRD is normally the main order for the turn.

Roselia’s First Single. A simple Draw 1 and power to 2 units, good early game cycle as generally the deck will use FIRE BIRD as the order for the turn past Turn 3.

Grade 3

Roselia’s leader leads the way as Roselia’s main Grade 3 Vanguard, having simple skills, but pairs well with the band. She gets +5k power for each opponent Vanguard grade when a Roselia Music is played for a turn, easily achieved by her 2nd skill, which searches either the deck or drop zone for a Roselia Music and play it, if an order was not played this turn. The power gaining skill pairs well with FIRE BIRD, making Yukina’s 2 Vanguard attacks more threatening.

Grade 2

This Grade 2 Yukina skills are only on the Vanguard, but her skill is good enough just for the games you get to ride her. She can soul charge 2, drawing 1 card if a Roseila is Soul charged this way and gets +5k if a Roselia music is played this turn. This helps with easily getting 8 soul to allow 2 uses of FIRE BIRD.

The stoic Hikawa sister, with simple skills that synergise with the deck. Sayo gets +5k when a Roselia Music is played this turn, and can be put into soul for 1 draw, which helps meet FIRE BIRD’s Soul-blast 4 cost

As Yukina’s childhood friend, Lisa is always by Yukina’s side, so where better place to be in other than in Yukina’s soul. She can Soul charge when placed and is put into soul when retired from Guardian Circle. Calling Lisa to attack and intercepting her on the opponent turn means 2 cards for the soul, which is important to meet FIRE BIRD’s Soul-blast 4 cost

Grade 1

Similar to the Grade 3 searchers the main set clans get, this Yukina is akin to those cards, but with a wider range. Looking top 5 for any Grade 2 or above Roselia has a lot more range as at least 15 cards of the deck are Grade 2 and above. This is very useful as it is the main way to search for Blue Rose Yukina or even get Quiet Enthusiasm Yukina for the next turn ride. Of course, getting Sayo or Lisa will also help the deck a lot.

As Rinko is generally with Ako and gets braver when Ako is around, she gets +5k power when Ako is on the field. Her 2nd skill is a great on hit pressure skill, able to draw 1 when her attack or the attack she boosted hits.

The younger chunni Udagawa sister, generally always with Rinko. Hence she gets the chance to add Rinko from the top 5 cards from deck. Her 2nd skill can Soul charge if an attack she boosted or her attack hits, which helps meet FIRE BIRD’s Soul-blast 4 cost


This deck revolves around setting up FIRE BIRD with Blue Rose Yukina and pushing every turn for game. It is a simple deck to pilot with a win condition with not much frills around it.

Sample Decklist

Black Shout is the weakest Music for the deck. Hence the Music is not played at all. This default build maxes out the Roselia unit cards and plays 2 Brave Jewel 3 Firebird

Sample topping list (Timeline: When the set just released, Mid July 2020)

This is a sample topping list with no extras that will get the job done. Again, 1 Black Shout as it is the weakest music and FireBird is the only music played from Grade 3 turn.


One must be ready to be devoted to everything to Roselia as its SPs are the most expensive if you are up for that rarity. The one dimensional everything on the Vanguard gameplay is simple but it is the easiest to pickup and learn by far among the 6 bands. I hope that gameplay style will not turn too many people off playing the clan. But of course, if you are an oshi (fan) of the band, you would have been ready to devote your everything for Roselia!

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